Transit of Venus at meteoLCD (08 June 2004)

Francis Massen

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We installed in a quick-and-dirty procedure an old telescope from our physics lab on the observation terrasse of meteoLCD to watch the rare event of the transit of planet Venus through the sun disc. Weather was extremely fine, blue sky with only an occasional cloud.

Here a couple of pictures of the equipment, the crew, visiting students of the specialized science sections ( class IIB/C) and their professor Paul Scheuer who gave the needed explanations.

All pictures by Jean-Paul Klein, technician of the physics lab.

First view at about 07:00 UTC; due to the image inversion by the telescope the transit path goes as indicated by the arrow (the real path is inverted).
Paul Scheuer, Francis Massen, Albert Schmitz and Marcel Thilmany
(from left to right)
Paul Scheuer and Francis Massen explaining the transit to strudents of the IIB/C scientific section
Telescope with kludgy projection screen
07:20 UTC
08:40 UTC
09:10 UTC
09:40 (last picture from meteoLCD)

Watch the website of the Central Lancastershire University for very extended explanations of this rare astronomical event.

last update: 08 June 2004