These are the news starting 01 Jan 2017
Click here for the news of the previous years.

02 Feb 17 Upload of jan17.dat file into data archive.
30 Jan 17 Re-check of CO2 and NOx calibration (08:00-08:40).
Uncorrectible offsets: NOx = 18 ug/m3  NO = 3 ug/m3
28 Jan 17 The trend analysis including the 2016 data is finished. There might be some future minor changes, as for instance the Hohenpeissenberg CO2 data for the full year 2016 are not yet available. Please tell me about eventual errors. The updated Excel file with the 2016 data is here.
27 Jan 17 Maintenance and calibration by T.S.E.
24 Jan 17 New intercomparison paper (pdf file) by F.Massen & M. Zimmer of the TOC Dobson measurements done at Diekirch and at the RMI of Uccle.
20 Jan 17 New additions to the "Trends" section: eff. UVBdose, UVAdose
09 Jan 17 New additions to the "Trends" section: ground ozone, rainfall, enthalpy, solar energy, sunshine hours.
02 Jan 17 In the "Trends" section, air temperature (including  DTR and DJF winter temperatures) is updated.
01 Jan 17 1. The usual dogs-dinner in the 7days plot due to Gnuplot problems with handling previous and new year (the logger files do not contain the year number). This will be self healing in the the next 7 days.
2. Added overplot of Uccle and Diekirch total ozone column measurements for 2016 (see Dobson page)
3. Upload dec16.dat and (= all 2016 .dat files concatenated with headers, and zipped) into data archive.
4. Made 2016_only.xls file with statistics, daily and monthly averages. Started work on "trends" page update (this will take some time...)


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