These are the news starting 01 Jan 2017
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15 Apr 17 I am switching the lightning computer (an old faithful FSC E600) to a HP thin client T5735 which has a PCI extension module (the Boltek Stormtracker hardware is on a PCI card). I replaced the 1 GB SSD with a 16 GB SSD, changed Ram to 2 GB and replaced the original Debian with Win7e (this was a bit tricky).

A second important change is made to the web page which displays the radar screen and ancillary information: this page has been moved from the local meteo01 server to at Restena. This will simplify the somewhat baroque infrastructure. The "movie-making" feature has been disabled for the moment (it worked not well since a long time ago, for reasons I never was able to find...). I will try another solution, but this is not the most urgent work to please be patient!

03 Apr 17 Well, I was able to get that beasty NOx sensor working... but just for a couple of hours. It really seems that the bearings of the chopper wheel are heavily damaged. The sensor will be shut down, waiting for a reapair by T.S.E. at the end of month.
02 Apr 17 It seems like the chopper wheel of the AC31M NOx/NO sensor is stuck again...I will try a last "repair" tomorrow, and if nothing goes, will shut the sensor down.
01 Apr 17 Upload of mar17.dat file into data archive. Please read the heading of the data file, as this month had its share of problems.
31 Mar 17 1. The AC31M sensor (NOx, NO) is again on online. The problem is a flaky bearing of a chopper wheel used to check the motor rotation. We will see if that wheel continues to rotate freely as it should...
2. The meteo06 computer which manages the radioactivity sensor has been replaced by a HP T610 thin client. From the 6 computers that keep meteoLCD running, 4 are now passive thin clients: 2 running XPe, one LUBUNTU and one Win7e. Only the lightning computer (must have an PCI slot for the Boltek Stormtracker card) and its server meteo01 are still computers with moving parts.
3. I made a recalibration of the CO2 sensor. Zero was ok, but span vastly too low...this may be a faulty indication...will redo this asap..
29 Mar 17 1. The AC31M NOx sensor has a motor fault. It will remain offline for the next weeks.
2. There was probably a software glitch with the making of the 7days data file (which was truncated to the one-day file). I made a correction (08:16 UTC).
28 Mar 17 1. Maintenance by T.S.E. The ground ozone sensor has been removed to be calibrated at Brussels. This will  take 3 to 4 weeks. The first graph has been changed to temporarily show only air temperature. The repaired NOx sensor is going through a lengthy zero calibration phase (new molybdenum in heater); it will  go public asap.
2. To avoid data corruption when the main Linux computer has to be exchanged with a spare, I made some modifications at the relevant scripts.  No errors seem to be left :-))
24 Mar 17 There was a bettering with the daily CO2 swing, but I am still not satisfied: there seems to be a problem with the inlet air. I checked all pumps and tubes, found nothing suspicious. As a kludgy test, the glass cover from the inlet filter has been removed and the filter fixed by a wire, so that the sample air will come through the open window, and not through the normal inlet and manifold. Let's see if there is a change...
19 Mar 17 There really seems to be a problem with the CO2 sensor, as the readings are more or less flat, without the usual peak during the morning hours. Solution hopefully during the TSE maintenance scheduled for 31 March.
18 Mar 17 1. The NOx/NO sensor has a fatal breakdown (motor failure during the 13th March). Repair will be made at the end of March during the next big maintenance by T.S.E. The live data icon will be labelled with "No data".

2. CO2 sensor: no visible fault detected. Made new zero & span calibration (08:45). Will keep an eye on this sensor.
17 Mar 17 1. There was a bug in the main command file making the half-hour ftp transfers (one "bye" too many). The consequence ^was that the meteolcd app (IOS, Android) did not receive its data, and correctly reported "Out of Service". The problem has been corrected today at 14:00. I apologize, and my face is red :-(((!
2. A second, independent problem seems to hamper the NOx measurements (since 13/03) and the CO2 measurements (since today 10:00 UTC). I will check this asap.
15 Mar 17 A major change is made at the computing infrastructure: the old faithful Fujitsu-Siemens FSC E600 computer running OpenSuSE 11.2 is replaced by a slick refurbished HP T610 thin client, running LUBUNTU 16.04 and having no moving parts (passive cooling).

The T610 has been bought used at eBAY, and fitted with a 32 GB Sata SSD; it holds 4 GB Ram. New versions of all software have been installed, with a silly problem with GNUPLOT 5.0  crashing ImageMagick (an uncorrected change of a set command from version 4.2 to 5.0 created a header in the png file which was unacceptable to ImageMagick).

The installation was made from 08:30 to 09:10; please expect some disruption and possible some teething problems....

The picture shows upper left one of the older SUMICOM computers (retrieving the radioactivity readings), upper right a HP Thin client T5370 (with XPe) which handles the datalogger and lower right the new HP T610 with Lubuntu which makes all the graphs and the transfers to 

06 Mar 17 Maintenance and calibration.
04 Mar 17 Upload of feb17.dat file into data archive.
02 Feb 17 Upload of jan17.dat file into data archive.
30 Jan 17 Re-check of CO2 and NOx calibration (08:00-08:40).
Uncorrectible offsets: NOx = 18 ug/m3  NO = 3 ug/m3
28 Jan 17 The trend analysis including the 2016 data is finished. There might be some future minor changes, as for instance the Hohenpeissenberg CO2 data for the full year 2016 are not yet available. Please tell me about eventual errors. The updated Excel file with the 2016 data is here.
27 Jan 17 Maintenance and calibration by T.S.E.
24 Jan 17 New intercomparison paper (pdf file) by F.Massen & M. Zimmer of the TOC Dobson measurements done at Diekirch and at the RMI of Uccle.
20 Jan 17 New additions to the "Trends" section: eff. UVBdose, UVAdose
09 Jan 17 New additions to the "Trends" section: ground ozone, rainfall, enthalpy, solar energy, sunshine hours.
02 Jan 17 In the "Trends" section, air temperature (including  DTR and DJF winter temperatures) is updated.
01 Jan 17 1. The usual dogs-dinner in the 7days plot due to Gnuplot problems with handling previous and new year (the logger files do not contain the year number). This will be self healing in the the next 7 days.
2. Added overplot of Uccle and Diekirch total ozone column measurements for 2016 (see Dobson page)
3. Upload dec16.dat and (= all 2016 .dat files concatenated with headers, and zipped) into data archive.
4. Made 2016_only.xls file with statistics, daily and monthly averages. Started work on "trends" page update (this will take some time...)


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