A comment by Eduardo Ferreyra

from the Yahoo Group Climatesceptics (Fri Dec 9, 2005)

file: ferreyra01.html

The Greenhouse theory along with the Catastrophic Global Warming hypothesis has the beauty of not being able to be refuted because it has included all possible future outcomes in its enunciation. Yes, if there are heat waves --warming is to blame (models prophesized it); if there are cold spells, climate models prophesized it so global warming takes the blame; droughts? Of course, global warming! Heavy rains, floods? Models said that long ago! Sea levels rising or decreasing? Doesn’t matter, it is global warming for sure!

In that mood, if glaciers retreat or advance, or if deserts retreat or advance, or if Polar ice caps retreat or advance, if anything increases or decreases, global warming (and CO2) is behind the scene. Warmers cannot lose their bet, is money in the bank.

So my opinion is: there is nothing honest scientists can do for showing warming is natural in its origin, while “other” scientists will keep pushing “alarming” studies showing something is “increasing-decreasing” or “faster-slower”, “higher-lower”, deeper-shallower”, “saltier-fresher”, and everything conceivably in between or at the sides. But always, guess what, the last recommendation in those studies’ conclusions is: “More research is needed on this subject.” Reading between lines: “give us more money”.

The only thing that that could show the public the Catastrophic Warming theory was a clever hoax would be a sudden New Little ice Age –but that has also been taken into account by the models. This looks like a Catch-22 type of hoax. There is no way out.

So the climatic science will keep its direction flooding the field with irrelevant, dubious, even useless research and papers, the IPCC will keep its “business as usual”, ie, COPs and expensive trips for thousands of bureaucrats, conferences in exotic places (next time in some nice beach, please), lots of champagne, caviar, sushi and so forth.
The Show Must Go On, as There is No Business Like Show Business. Politicians will keep their “business as usual”, lying to gullible societies while filling their pockets; industries trying to evade taxes and regulations, and people going to work for a meager salary (in most countries, I mean).
The world will keep doing its “business as usual”. It will keep orbiting along, while cemeteries are being filled with “important” people that thought the world couldn’t keep going on without them. I remember (and recommend) one the most intelligent thoughts I ever read while I was a boy: “What,? Me worry?” (Alfred Neuman)