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08 Jul 2010 Climate science's watery reprieve (T. Corcoran, Financial Post)
22 Apr 2010 Climate Gate and the Crisis of Climate Alarmism (R. Lindzen, WSJ)
07 Mar 2010 In Denial: The meltdown of the climate campaign (Weekly Standard, Mar 2010)
28 Feb 2010 Memorandum of Dr. Benny Peiser to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee
27 Feb 2010 C. Booker in The Telegraph: A perfect storm is brewing for the IPCC
04 Feb 2010 BBC One Planet interview by M. Williams of J.P. Van Ypersele (IPCC), P. Liss (UEA) and D. Holland (a skeptic). (14MB mp3)
04 Feb 2010 The Spectator: The Global Warming Guerillas (author: Matt Ridley)
02 Feb 2010 The Guardian: Climate change emails between scientists reveal flaws in peer review (author: Fred Pearce)
10 Jan 2010 India Today article: Pachauri in a spot as climategate hits TERI
04Jan 2010 Robert Bradley Jr.: Climategate: Here Comes Courage! (Is climate catastrophism losing its ‘politically correct’ grip?)
25 Dec 2009 T. Sowell: The Politicising of Science
xx  Dec 2009 J.P. Costella: Climategate Analysis
17 Dec 2009 Pat Michaels: WSJ and WE articles
14 Dec 2009 The Weekly Standard: Scientists behaving badly
13 Dec 2009 Daily Mail Online: Special Investigation.
xx Dec 2009 V. Courtillot: Interview France-Info (3 parts  1  2  3)
10 Dec 2009 M.I.T. World Video: The Great Climate Gate Debate
09 Dec 2009 Climate Sceptics or Climate Realists? (3 parts  1  2  3)                                                                                                
05 Dec 2009 Von Storch: The Sustainability of Climate Science  and WSJ article (23Dec09)
07 Dec2009 SPPI report (PDF, 43 pages)
05 Dec 2009  Dr. Chylek from Los Alamos National Laboratory: Open Letter 
02 Dec 2009 WSJ: Climategate: Follow the money
02 Dec 2009 Fox News: Global warming scandal makes scientific progress more difficult
02 Dec 2009 M. Hulme: WSJ article: The Science and Politics of Climate Change
30 Nov 2009 NYT: Email fracas shows danger to spin science 
30 Nov 2009 R. Lindzen WSJ article: The Climate Science isn't settled 
xx Nov 2009 J. Brignell: Warmergate