Hockey-Stick discussions

last update: 08Nov2007

Following the publication of von Storch in Science (October 2004), the discussions on the MBH98/99 temperature reconstruction is heating up considerably.

This page will be a starting block to make access to these discussions and papers easy...

Date Author/Journal/Institution Title Comment
08Nov07 David Holland

Bias and Concealment in the IPCC Process: The "Hockey-Stick" Affair and its Implications

A reprint from Energy & Environment, vol. 18 No. 7+8 2007
22Jun06 Hans von Storch et al Press release ... NCR (NAS) report on past temperatures  
14Nov05 McKitrick and McIntyre Why does the Hockey Stick Debate matter? Read these contributions to R. Pielke's site Prometheus
09Oct05 Marcel Crok/Technology Review/Heise Risse im Klimakonsens German translation of the Dutch original article, with several comments by Cubasch, von Storch, Mann et. al.
17 Jun 05 Steve Mc.Intyre Revisiting the stick cristal clear article published in Toronto Financial Post
23 Feb05 Steve Mc.Intyre Some Thoughts on Disclosure and Due Diligence in Climate Science from blog
14Dec04 More Problems for the Mann et al. Temperature Record Discussion on :
Rein, B., Luckge, A. and Sirocko, F. 2004. A major Holocene ENSO anomaly during the Medieval period. Geophysical Research Letters 31: 10.1029/2004GL020161.
27Oct04 Willie Soon/David Legates Is the Hockey Stick Broken?  
18Oct04 McIntyre & McKitrick Random numbers yield hockeystick here is MM ongoing research page
15Oct04 Muller / MIT Technology Review Global Warming Bombshell On the McIntyre/McKitrick paper
07Oct04 Ahlbeck / climatesceptics mailing list Comment  
06Oct04 Ironies Abound in Hockey Stick Debacle  
06Oct04 Ahlbeck / climatesceptics mailing list Comment Swedish University of Finland
01Oct04 GKSS-Pressemitteilung Temperaturschwankungen des letzten Millenniums... in German
30Sep04 New Scientist news service Models may underestimate climate swings  
**Sep04 McIntyre/McKitrick M&M Project Update, September 2004 An update to the ongoing discussion of the M&M paper (critical of MBH98) and Nature
07Jul04 'Nature' corrects temperature record A "forced" correction by MBH in Nature.
Click here for a pdf version of Mann's text in Nature
******* Global Warming Controversy A neutral report of arguments and standpoints
07Jul03 AGU (American Geophysical Union) Leading Climate Scientists Reaffirm View that Late 20th Century Warming Was Unusual and Resulted From Human Activity Statement by Mann et al. ...(after the Soon/Baliunas paper)
23Apr1998 Mann et al/ Nature Original MBH98 paper Nature Vol392 p.779-787 (23 April 1998)