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Seek out reality, leave things that seem 
(William Butler Yeats)

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Science Speak A very sober and scientific site by Dr. David Evans and writer Joanne Nova from Australia
Climate Science Prof. Roger Pielke Sr. from Colorado State University


Climate Audit Steve Mc. Intyre, hockey-stick demolisher and data hunter..
World Climate Report Patrick J. Michaels, University of Virginia
CCNET Cambridge Conference Network, by Dr. Benny Peiser, Liverpool University
Subscription to CCNet mailing list highly recommended!
The Reference Frame Ludos Motl, ex Harvard University
Klimanotizen in German
Friends of Science Excellent site from Canada with a lot of first quality news, discussions, articles, comments and background information..
Maintained by an independent group of scientists, many (retired) specialists in atmospheric or related sciences.
JunkScience Stephen Milloy
Climat Sceptique by Charles Muller, in French. Highly recommendable!
Not updated anymore (2008)
The Other Side of the Global Warming Debate
contains the Oregon Petition
Climate4you Very nice site from Prof. Ole Humlum, Institute of Geosciences, University of Oslo, Sweden. Lavishly illustrated.
CO2 Science by the Idso's: good and up to date discussions of published research
ICECAP A very well done web site with plenty of uptodate news. By Joe d'Aleo, meteorologist.
Climate Debate Daily A website that gives equal space to "Call for Action" activists and to "Dissenting Voices".
US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works- Minority Page Senator Inhove is a well known critic of global warming exaggerations.
The Sun and Earth's Climate
Web site of Dr. Sami Solanki from the Max Planck Institute für Sonnensystemforschung
Climate Review Tobias Rothenberger , University of St. Gallen (in German)
CO2 Sceptics A new web-site (March 2008) challenging the AGW consensus
Pensée Unique Jean Martin's site, in French. J.M. is a retired university teacher and scientific author.
Ecoenquirer tongue in cheek!
False Alarm other voices on climate change


Books (newest first in list)


The Great Global Warming Blunder This is a rather short book from Dr. Roy Spencer (UHA); he concentrates on one important point: are warming feedbacks positive or negative (does water vapor increase lead to more sun-blocking clouds?), and as a consequence, what is the probable climate sensitivity. There is not much math to be find (what I regret), but there are links to Dr. Spencer's blog where more extensive computations can be found.
The Real Global Warming Disaster Very interesting book (often close to a thriller)  by the Sunday Telegraph investigation journalist C. Booker. He writes, in excellent English, a chronology of the politicized climatology and its believers from 1972 to 2009 (stopping just before Climategate)
Climate Change and its Causes This freely  available booklet (PDF, 55 pages, SPPI original paper, 04Mar2010) of  Dr. N. Scafetta from Duke University is certainly one of the best resuming most recent knowledge on climate change and its causes: The IPCC AGW hypothesis plays down natural causes and variability and clearly exaggerates human influence.
L'Homme est-il responsable du réchauffement climatique? By André Legendre, ingénieur chimiste ENSCP Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie, Paris.
 In French.
An easy to read skeptical book. No mathematics.
The author cites Haroun Tazieff: "Je vous conseille de dormir en paix et de ne pas redouter un effet de serre anthropogénique aux conséquences négligeables."
Climate of Extremes By Pat Michaels and Robert Balling Jr. (the same team that wrote "The Satanic Gases", see further down). 2009, The Cato Institute.

Easy to read, with a lot of scientific information, putting many scares into perspective. Many pages of references.

"What is so scary that some governors don't want you to know it? Apparently it is this: The world is not coming to an end because of global warming."

Red Hot Lies by Christopher Horner. Witty, well written, a non scientific book on the politics and strategies of the global warming alarmists industry and its army of helpers. Many insider information, some good laughs.
2008, Regnery Publishing Inc.

"Young researchers keep their mouth shut, because of the fear for repercussions for their careers..."

Frohe Botschaften by Dirk Maxeiner and Michael Miersch. A very funny book, not on climate, but on closely related "Umweltangst". In German.
2008, wjs Verlag.

"Widmen wir uns deshalb dem unablässigen Strom der Hiobsbotschaften, die ein globales Heer von Forschern und Funktionären mittlerweile am Fliessband produzieren..."
An Appeal to Reason by Lord Nigel Lawson, former Chancellor and President of the British Institute of Energy Economics-for Energy.

"The new religion of global warming ... contains a grain of truth and a mountain of nonsense."
"We appear to have entered a new age of unreason...It is from this, above al,, that we really do need to save the planet."
Climate Confusion by Dr. Roy Spencer, University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). 
"We should keep in mind that the first and only theory of some newly observed phenomenon seldom survives forever."
Scared to Death by Christopher Booker and Dr. Richard North
A thrilling story of past great scares that all obey to a common scheme, and cost society huge sums in money and often many lost lives (as did the DDT scare). Global warming is the last in the row, the "mother of all scares".
Cool it by Bjorn Lomborg
Focus on adaptation versus mitigation.. Talks of the consequent ignoring of alternate and cheaper solutions then  CO2 restrictions.

2007, Alfred A. Knopf.

Hurra, wir retten die Welt! by Dirk Maxeiner (in German)
A very readable common-sense book debunking many myths on catastrophic man-made globalwarming.
"Es gibt Wörter, die man nicht benutzen, Wahrheiten, die man nicht aussprechen, und Fragen, die man nicht stellen sollte"
Human Impacts on Weather and Climate by William R. Cotton (Colorado State University) and Roger A. Pielke Sr. (University of Colorado at Boulder). 2nd edition, 2007. Cambridge University Press.

From the epilogue:
" .. (Kyoto treaty) is a political placebo made to assure society that scientists are doing something on climate change"
 "... many scientists are grossly underestimating the complexity of interactions among the Earth's atmosphere, ocean, geosphere and biosphere, and overstating the accuracy of the climate models to predict the future climates..."

The Chilling Stars by Henrik Svensmark and Nigel Calder
March 2007
Icon Books, London

link to the CLOUD project's website here

Unstoppable Global Warming by Fred Singer and Dennis Avery
October 2006
Rowman and Littlefield Publishers Inc.
Shattered Consensus by Patrick J. Michaels
August 2005
Rowman and Littlefield Publishers Inc.
Global Warming  Myth or Reality?
The Erring Ways of Climatology
by Marcel Leroux
July 2005
Springer, Berlin
The Satanic Gases by Patrick J. Michaels & Robert C. Balling Jr.
July 2000
Treibhauseffekt by Dr. Gerd G. Weber, Max-Planck Institut. 1992 (in German).
This older book contains a lot of still very valid reflections. For instance:
"Heute werden auf eine Weise Forschungsgelder verteilt und Berichte geschrieben, dass sich daraus eine positive Rückkopplungsschleife  bildet, die allen Beteiligten Gewinne abwirft. Die Wissenschaftler bekommen mehr Forschungsgelder,, die Medien neue Empörungsgeschichten..., den Politikern erschliesst sich ihr Stimmenpotential."


Videos and Audios (newest first in list)    


Der politogene Klimawandel A presentation (in German, 1h14min) by Prof. Dr. Werner Kirstein (Uni. Würzburg) given at the AZK (Anti-Zensur_Koalition, November 2017, Switzerland)
The Changing Climate of Global Warming  A longer film (1h06min) presenting views from both sides of the climate debate, by Kevin Noesner.
Le climat réel valide-t-il les modèles de climat virtuel? Prof. Francois Gervais, Université de Tours
Climate Science and the Uncertainty Monster Prof. Judith Curry from GeorgiaTec.
Conference at the IHMC,

Nov. 2015

The Truth about CO2 Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, has an excellent 4'30" video from the Prager University

This is an absolute must-watch!
Global Warming Revisited Watch this speech of Nobelist Ivar Giaever at the Lindau 2015 meeting:
"Global Warming has become a religion....Global Warming is a non problem...Mr. President (Obama), you are dead wrong!...We have to stop wasting huge amount of money on climate's not sustainable"
Why has there been no Global Warming for the last decade? Prof. William Happer, Princeton University.
Presentation given at the Physics Department Colloquium, UNC Chapel Hill, Sep. 2014. Very scientific, with many calculations concerning CO2 absorption spectra. 1h20minutes.
The Skeptics Case Climate Change in 12 Minutes

Video by Dr. David EVANS

Observations et prédictions du changement climatique global : quelles certitudes ? Conférence du Prof. Vincent Courtillot lors des Tables Rondes de l'Arbois, Aix-en-Provence, 10-11 avril 2013.
(Youtube, en français)
Global Warming Man-made? Two part video by Dr. David Evans from Australia on YouTube (April 2012):
part #1: shows how much climate models and reality differ
part #2: why do the climate models get the effects of CO2 wrong?

Excellent and very clear!
See also this video "The politics of global warming."

Estimating Climate Sensitivity Conference by Prof. Richard Lindzen, MIT, held in Nov.2011 at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
PPT version here
CO2: Friend or FOE? Conference held at Berkeley in Nov. 2010 by Prof. William Happer of Princeton University
Very interesting conference with many questions and answers. About 90 minurtes.
MOV video format.

Video of same conference given at the Princeton plasma Physics Laboratory here.
PPT version here.

The Church of Global Warming A movie by James Follett from Renewable Energy Co.
YouTube, 1GB (high resolution).
See also here.
Gott Globus An excellent emission from 3SAT on the religion of climatism (in Geman)
Vimeo video here.
Le réchauffement climatique Conference (in French) of Prof. Vincent Courtillot at the "Journées Scientifiques" of the University of Nantes, 2009 . YouTube.

Courtillot is currently Professor of Geophysics at the University of Paris (Denis-Diderot) and is the director of the Institut de Physique du Globe at Paris.
Earth: The Climate Wars A series from the BBC (on Google Video)
Episode 1: The Battle Begins
Episode 2: FightBack
Episode 3: Final Episode
Global Warming A very well done movie from the Cassiopeia Project. Attention: it is not a .rar file!
Open to view with the VLC player, for instance
Testing the hypothesis of dangerous human-caused global warming

click here for part 2

A 2 part presentation by Prof. Bob Carter at the New York Conference on Climate Change (NIPCC),  March 2008. Crystal clear!

YouTube video.

Do we see the characteristic fingerprint of greenhouse gases in the observations? Presentation given by Prof. Fred Singer at the NIPCC conference, March 2008, New-York YouTube video
Climate change - has it been cancelled? Video with an interview with Prof. Bob Carter
from New Zealand. Refreshingly clear! (YouTube)
Interview with Prof. Philip Stott and Lord Nigel Lawson on climate change  Audio file; interviewer is James Whale, April 2008
20/20 Stossel- GMAB - Al Gore Global Warming Debate ABC's reporter John Stossel; December 2007 YouTube
Climate Change...Is CO2 the cause? Conference by Prof. Bob Carter, Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James Cook University Youtube video, 4 parts
Exposed: Climate of Fear CNN Documentary May 2007. Link to Google Video.
Global Warming Doomsday Called Off CBC Documentary April 2007. Link to Google Video.
The Great Global Warming Swindle Movie (Channel 4), 2007. DVD is updated version. Link to catalogue. Click here for video.
Click here for a heavily edited German version "Der Klimaschwindel" broadcast by RTL (Google video)
The Greenhouse Conspiracy Movie (Channel 4) from 1990; 
link to Google Video


to be continued....

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