These are the news starting 01 Jan 2019
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14 Feb 18 Trends 1998 to 2018 analysis finished!
13 Feb 19 Look at the Dobson (Total ozone) page for two plots comparing the ozone measurements done at Uccle with the very expensive Brewer MkIII (serial 178) and our Microtops (serial 5375) instrument during 2018. There are 180 same day, direct sun comparable measurements.
The two series and the calibration curve. I think we can be very satisfied with these results!
01 Feb 19 Upload jan19.dat  into data archive.
18 Jan 19 I started with the update of the trends section. This is heavy work and will take some time to finish. Updated sections are clearly marked as such.
10 Jan 19 The Airvisual web site of meteoLCD is now complete, with all data missing during the first days (like Temp, Humidity, ...) and forecast now present.

Look also at the Airvisual quality map, which allows easy picking of stations, worldwide:
Be aware that this map gives all available stations, without specifying wether they are official ones or come from the Airvisual community (for Luxembourg, meteoLCD is a community station, the others are those of the Environmental Agency).

You might re-read my multi-part blog on air quality and AQI.

09 Jan 19 Big news: our Airvisual Pro station to measure air quality (essentially PM2.5 fine particles concentration) has been accepted into the world-wide Airvisual network of AQI stations. The reported AQI is the US AQI, as defined by EPA.

Click here:

This link will be added to the page of live data.

Attention: on the hourly graph, the most recent values are at the left! The time axis decreases from left to right (don't ask why...)  Monday 14 January: This unusual behavior has been changed: the time axis now shows the most recent hourly measurement at the right (time increases from left to right).

06 Jan 19 Added file 2018_only.xls to data archive. This file contains all the meteoLCD measurements of the year 2018, some statistics, daily and monthly values and comparisons with measurements done at the Meteolux station at Findel airport.
01 Jan 19 1. The usual dogs-dinner in the 7days plot due to Gnuplot problems with handling previous and new year (the logger files do not contain the year number). This will be self healing in the next 7 days.
2. Upload dec18.dat  into data archive.



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