The Moestroff Cave by Francis Massen (editor)

No sunburns, ozone and solar light...

.... here is a book on underground climate.

It is the final point of a research project(*) done in Luxembourg's largest maze cave... a horrifying labyrinth of nearly 4 km of muddy galleries, extremely narrow crawlways... and a healthy population of spiders!


(*) under the umbrella of the Centre de Recherche Public Centre Universitaire Luxembourg (CRPCU),.one of the four university-level research institutes of Luxembourg. Project leader was Francis Massen.


For over 4 years, a lot of automatic working instruments monitored different climatological parameters, as well as Radon and CO2 concentration. From the overhelming mass of data emerges a clear picture of the cave air dynamics, the short term and seasonal variations of air flow and gaz concentrations. The final report extends the scope of the research project by contributions on history, geology, hydology and instrumentation techniques from seven authors.

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Here is an excerpt of the promotional leaflet:

The final report on the PHYMOES research project, which investigated the underground climate of a maze cave through continuous and automatic measurements for nearly four years. This book presents an original interdisciplinary approach to the exploration of a large maze cave, covering:
  • history
  • geology
  • automatical measurements in difficult environmental conditions
  • optimization of data collection strategies
  • measurement results of:
  • temperature, humidity, air movements, CO2 and radoncomprehensive 3 year radon study in a cave, with special emphasis on the relationship to other climatic parameters
  • Strong cover, heavy paper, 200 pages with 8 full colour glossy pages.

    Prefaces of Fernand Reinig and Camille EK

    Camille EK: " ..the Phymoes Project stands out as a major event in the current research on cave climatology"

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