The meteorological station of the Lycée Classique de Diekirch (LCD) is an automatically working system built from components of:

Company Location Components used
Delta_T Cambridge, GB datalogger, sensors for temperature, humidity, wind, solar light, UVA, UVB
Solar Light Co. Philadelphia, USA sensors for UVA and erythemal UVB
Edinburgh Sensors Edinburgh, GB CO2 sensor
Kroneis Wien, AU humidity (dew-point) sensor
Environnement SA Poissy, F ozone concentration, NO/NO2, CO2
Phoenix Contact Bertrange, L connectors, optical fiber, surge protectors
CEL Luxembourg, L DCF77 radio-controlled Graesslin switching clock
4i Steinfort, L Nomadic Mercury RF1 wireless modem (FHSS)
Kipp&Zonen Amsterdam CM21 pyranometer

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