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03 Feb 2018 (changed link to https)

This is a new version, reflecting the changes made at WOUDC since August 2015. The old file ist here.


Starting April 2001, MeteoLCD has been accepted as an official data contributor to the World Ozone and Ultraviolet Radiation Data Center of the Meteorological Servcie of Canada (click on the picture to go to the WOUDC web-site)

The WOUDC operates a scientific archive and database providing a variety of ozone and UVB data to the scientific community.

MeteoLCD has been accepted as STATION 412 (code: mlcd-lu) and will deliver the UVB data measured by our broadband Solar Light erythemal UVB Biometer and the total ozone data measured by the Microtops II, also from Solar Light. Click here for a list of the contributing stations.

As the WOUDC has strict standards regarding file formats, we wrote a couple of Perl scripts to create the WOUDC files (UVB files are daily files) from our logger ASCII files or the Dobson html webpages.

The directory of all WOUDC stations with the years of data can be found here! (This link may become extinct in the future!)

The following text shows how to access total ozone column data (chapter A) and UVB erythemal data (chapter B)


A. Access to Total Ozone Column (Dobson) data

To access the MeteoLCD total ozone data (station 412) or any other station (like UCCLE/RMI, station 53), follow these steps:

1. Goto to and click DATA, then DATA SEARCH/Download to get the following screen:

Choose the Dataset as shown

Fetch the station from the Station list or from the map, by zooming in

Choose Start and End years (Diekirch starts in 2001)


Click on SEARCH


2.  This opens the following screen:


You want to access all data in a single EXCEL file: click on DOWNLOAD, which gives the next screen:



3. Select the Format as shown, than click on the link below the selector ("Downloads records ....")


You may open the .CSV file with Excel or save it to your computer.

When you choose to Open with Excel, you will get this:


This big Excel file holds all Total Ozone Column (= Dobsonmeasurements made by the Microtops instruments since 2001

Column O holds the monthly average, column U the daily measurement ("daily_columno3")

Column Y holds the UTC time of measurements in hour.decimal format (12.5 = 12:30)



B. Access to broadband UVB data

1. Goto to and click DATA, then DATA SEARCH/Download to get the following screen: enter text in selectors as shown:

Click on SEARCH


2.  This opens the following screen:

3. Now you can not simply download everything as in chapter A. You have to choose one day on the list, than click DOWNLOAD to get the next screen:

As an example, I click on 2001-01-11 to get this screen:


4. I choose to open with Excel:

Column B shows the UVB erythemal irradiance in W/m2



Final remarks:

You may find this new procedure a bit complicated, but it gets easier with some practice!

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last edit: 03 Feb 2018

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