State: 03 February 2008

The meteorological station of the Lycée Classique de Diekirch (LCD) is an automatically working system built from components of:

Company Location Components used
Delta_T Cambridge, GB datalogger, sensors for temperature, humidity, wind, solar light, UVA, UVB(disused from start 2008 on)
Solar Light Co. Philadelphia, USA sensors for UVA and erythemal UVB
Environnement SA Poissy, F ozone concentration (not in use), NO/NO2, CO2
Phoenix Contact Bertrange, L connectors, surge protectors
API Teledyne USA ozone sensor 400E
Boltek USA lightning sensor
Aninoquisi USA Lightning/2000 software
Kipp&Zonen Amsterdam CM21 pyranometer
  Italy WBGT sensor components
Davis USA Vantage Pro weatherstation with solar and UVB sensors (backup)
Lamprecht D ultrasonic anemometer
AXIS Sweden PTZ Webcam

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