Complete list of data files

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All .dat files are pure ASCII, and can readily be imported into a spreadsheet like EXCEL.
The monthly files have a 10 lines header with important information.
The yearly .zip files should be unzipped to yield the 12 concatenated monthly .dat files

If you use these data, please give proper credit!

.BIG EXCEL file with all data from 1998 to 2004 . Blank cells correspond to missing data. 
This file contains averages, totals and much more. It is BIG STUFF (27 MB in zipped format).
Calculation of sunshine duration with Oliviéri's method added.. See last worksheet of the file for comments!

Starting 2005, the data files are packed into separate yearly files, such as 2005_only.xls; size is ~20MB.
This has become mandatory as even with 1 GB Ram computer memory the BIG Excel files becomes unusable.
A new file meteoLCDstats_1998_yyyy.xls holds all the yearly summaries.

Click here for a Small Excel file with the description of the different channels of the data file

1998_only.xls 1999_only.xls 2000_only.xls
2001_only.xls 2002_only.xls 2003_only.xls
2004_only.xls 2005_only.xls 2006_only.xls 
2007_only.xls 2008_only.xls 2009_only.xls
2010_only.xls 2011_only.xls 2012_only.xls
2013_only.xls 2014_only.xls 2015_only.xls
2016_only.xls 2017_only.xls  
meteoLCDstats_1998_2016.xls meteoLCDstats_1998_2017.xls  
TRENDS (1998 to 2016)    

May I ask you again to give proper credit if you use these data! That's a small price to pay for what's free!

Please use this text:

meteoLCD: Meteorological Station of the Lycee Classique Diekirch, L-9233 Diekirch, Luxembourg 
	  Head: Francis Massen,

Be aware:
the following all_xxyyzz.dat data files are the absolutely raw data, as given by the datalogger. 
SOME measurement problems (such as impossible negative values due to maintenance work or power failure) will still be there. 

The monthly files (and the yearly zipped files) have been edited by applying slight linear interpolation over 1 or  2 hours at most, and the 
marking by 9999 of missing data. The rows "max" and "min" should be discarded!
See the "ASCII DATA TODAY" link from the "Today's Meteorological Data" page to find the column definitions.

all_xxyyzz.dat files (raw logger data files, no column headers.
Look at a monthly .dat file for the definitions of the columns)
all181202.dat 10May02 to 18Dec02
all100705.dat 06Oct04 to 10Jul05
all110705to040306.dat 11Jul05 to 04Mar06
all_01Jul05to30Jun06.dat 01Jul05 to 30Jun06 (one year)
all_01Jul06to30Jun07.dat 01Jul06 to 30Jun07 (one year)
all_01Jul06to09Nov07.dat 01Ju06 to 09Nov07
all_01Mar08to28Apr08.dat 01Mar08 07:00 to 28Apr08 13:30
all_10Nov07to14Aug09.dat 10Nov07 00:00 to 14Aug09 23:30
all_13Dec09to11Mar10.dat 01Dec09 00:00 to 11Mar10 23:30
all_2010.dat 01Jan10 to 31Dec10; raw logger except 01Jan10 up to 10:00
all_20Mar11to01Nov11.dat 20 March 2011 to 01 Nov 2011
all_05Nov11to31Oct12.dat 05 November 2011 to 31 October 2012
all_01Nov12to26Aug13.dat 01 November 2012 to 26 August 2013
all_26Aug13to31Oct14.dat 26 August 2013 to 31 October 2014
all_01Jan16to31May16.dat 01 January 2016 to 31 May 2016
all_2016.dat 01 January 2016 to 31 December 2016; there are about 470 missing lines!
all_2017.dat 01 January 2017 to 31 December 2017


monthly .dat files of current year
jan17.dat        feb17.dat
mar17.dat apr17.dat
may17.dat jun17.dat
jul17.dat aug17.dat
sep17.dat oct17.dat
nov17.dat dec17.dat

yearly zipped .dat files

yearly dobson files (html format)
dobson97.html dobson98.html dobson07.html
dobson99.html dobson00.html dobson08.html
dobson01.html dobson02.html dobson09.html
dobson03.html dobson04.html dobson10.html
dobson05.html dobson06.html dobson11.html
dobson12.html dobson13.html dobson14.html
dobson15.html dobson16.html  

microtops II data files (original microtops II format) and calibration factors (.cal)

instrument #3012

instrument #5375

mtop0398.dat mtop1198.dat

mtop0600.dat mtop0501.dat


all data from 12Jun2001
to 25May2002
all data from 10Jun2001
to 12Jul2002

all data from 13Jul2002 to 16Sep2003

all data from 24Apr2003 to 17Sep2003
all data from 18Sep2003 to 22Apr2004

original and Excel file with data from 23Apr04 -10Jun05
all data from 
11Jun05 -05Oct06

original MicrotopsII
data file
10Jul06 - 22Dec07

calibration factors

original MicrotopsII
data file
10Jul06 - 23Feb08
Full memory.
New file restarted.
original MicrotopsII
19SEP03 to 23JUL09

original MicrotopsII
data file
01Mar08 - 21Jun09
original MicrotopsII
data file
14SEP09 - 12MAR11

calibration factors
original MicrotopsII
data file
30OCT09 - 22JUN12
calibration factors

original MicrotopsII
data file
15Mar11 - 18Jun12


calibration factors
original MicrotopsII
data file
25Jun12 - 07Mar13

calibration factors

original MicrotopsII
data file
30OCT10 - 11JUN13
calibration factors


original MicrotopsII
data file
25JUN12 - 13JUN13
calibration factors
original MicrotopsII
data file
15JUN13 - 26APR14
calibration factors
original MicrotopsII
data file
calibration factors
original MicrotopsII
data file
original MicrotopsII
data file
26APR16 - 08APR17


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