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Please take a step back, and stay cool for a moment. Shut your ears off from the deafening cries and shouts of the global warming advocates, and sharpen your mind. Try to answer the questions outlined in the papers given hereafter, and be open for good reasoning: these pages might make you think again, and wonder, if the mobiles of all these climate catastrophers are pure .... 

Working for clean air and an unpolluted atmosphere is a laudable aim, but forgetting to compare the magnitude of man-made pollutants to the natural sources, or having an absolute faith in measurement data of often dubious origine, is unscientific at least, and foolish certainly. The climate  is "the changing state of the atmosphere", so do not expect a steady state situation. Do not forget either that the sun is the engine which drives everything, and that the output of that engine is in constant change!

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everything up to end 2008

Le changement climatique, un problème réel ou hystérie des cercles scientifiques et politiques

EuropaForum report on a discussion organized by the Luxembourg MENSA section on climate change. Francis Massen, Marcel Oberweis and Claude Turmes participated. (26-09-2008)
Oceanic influences on recent continental warming Important paper by Compo et al.:."The recent worldwide land warming has occurred largely in response to a worldwide warming of the oceans rather than as a direct response to increasing greenhouse gases". WCR comment here .
Time to ditch Kyoto, the sequel Read this extremely clear article of Prof. Prins; also this WCR comment here , an article by F. Massen here and an editorial by D. Lawson here..
Wer sich irrt, soll zahlen! Interview of Prof. Reichholf by Bild der Wissenschaft (in German).
The Overhyping of Green By Prof. W. Gray: "Reducing atmospheric CO2 will not by itself solve any of the globe’s many environmental problems"
Lasst uns Kioto endlich begraben! Artcle by F. Massen in the Luxemburger Wort (Dec.08). In German. (pdf, bottom of page)
Kyoto is worthless.. ..and you don't have to be a sceptic to believe that now!. Scathing article by Dominic Lawson.
Don't Panic! Excellent Powerpoint presentation by W. Meyer from
Antarctic ozone hole caused by cosmic rays?  Read here and  here.
Temperature above the equator Read the comment by Prof. O. Humlum ( on the missing AGW fingerprint!
Reality bites in Poznan and Brussels Very sober article on the Climate Change Debate from the Scientific Alliance (Dec.08)
Global Warming as a Natural Response to Cloud Changes Associated with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation New paper by R. Spencer from the UHA team. "A simple climate model forced by satellite-observed changes in the Earth’s radiative budget associated with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation is shown to mimic the major features of global average temperature change during the 20th Century - including two-thirds of the warming trend"[preprint]
Climate Science, is it currently designed to answer questions? A very strong paper by Prof. R. Lindzen, MIT, in Ecoworld (Oct.08)

Will tide turn on green transport as global effort to cut CO2 cools?

Very interesting interview of Benny Peiser in LTT (Nov.08)
IEA World Energy Outlook 2008 Executive summary.
Die Erwärmung ist nicht abnormal Read this comment on new research results from the Austrian Hola project on alpine snow avalanches of the past.(in German)
A mathematical analysis of the divergence problem in dendroclimatology A new paper by C. Loehle on the divergence problem: tree ring temperature reconstructions give uncorrect (too low) recent temperatures. See shorter discussion here.
Limits on CO2 Climate Forcing from Recent Temperature Data of Earth A new very easy to read paper by Douglass and Christy on limits for CO2 climate forcing: "Trend expected from CO2 =0.07K/decade which contradicts the IPPC AR4 statement that most of the observed increase in global average temperature since the mid-20th century is very likely due to the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations" as trend without CO2 is 0.062K/decade.
Global Warming as a Natural Response to Cloud Changes Associated with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) New paper by Roy Spencer from the UHA team. "A simple climate model forced by satellite-observed changes in the Earth’s radiative budget associated with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation is shown to mimic the major features of global average temperature change during the 20th Century - including two-thirds of the warming trend"[preprint, simplified version]
Sun warms and cools the earth  A comment by Prof. Jaworowski: "Polar ice does not fulfill the close-system criteria, essential for reconstruction of chemical composition of the ancient atmosphere."
Global warming: why cut one 3,000th of a degree? Comment by Björn Lomborg in Timesonline.
Eher wolkig als heiter A comment from Prof. Lüdecke.(in German): "In der CO2-Kampagne wird überdies oft zu irrationalen Methoden gegriffen, um die erwünschten Meinungen zu produzieren"

Acceleration of Jakobshavn Isbræ triggered by warm subsurface ocean waters

A new study on Greenland glacier movement by Holland et al.: acceleration is caused by changes in the atmospheric circulation in the North Atlantic region (not AGW?).
A role for atmospheric CO2 in pre-industrial climate forcing A new important paper by van Hoof & al. on year 1000-1500 CO2 concentrations derived from leaf stomata. CO2 variability seems to have been much higher in the past than the official rather flat line given by the ice cores and the IPCC
A Pragmatic Energy Policy for the UK A bomb-shell report in the renewable's garden? Prof. Ian Fells warns that Britain will face electricity shortages; 20-30% generating power will be missing in the next decade due to government inaction. 
Marcel Leroux passed away. The great French climatologist Marcel Leroux passed away the 12Aug 08. Listen to one of his last  interviews (in French) given 2007. Short obituaries at , here and here (mp3) by Francis Richard. Find here his exposé at the Académie des Sciences (2007)
US and Caribbean tropical cyclone activity related to the solar cycle Are solar activity and hurricane counts related? Elsner and Jagger say yes. Link to abstract of GRL paper (Paul Bigg's discussion here and Chris Landsea's comment here).
In Science, Ignorance is not Bliss Great article by physicist and astronaut W. Cullingham
On the Credibility of Climate Predictions Important paper by Koutsoyiannis et al: "At the annual and the climatic (30-year) scales, GCM interpolated series are irrelevant to reality."
Imagine there's no global warming   youTube song to relax from the Minnesotans for Global Warming 
A comment on A caustic comment by Jim Peden, at (search page for Peden). "There is great evil in the Global Warming Hoax. Jim Hansen and Al Gore are not inherently evil persons, but what they have done to spread worldwide panic and a hysterical rush to find a cure for what I and my 32,000 science brethren consider a nonexistent disease, is potentially the greatest calamity in the history of mankind which will lead to starvation for millions, if not billions of people on our planet."
Anthropogener Meeres-Anstieg: vom Konstrukt zut Panik Article (in German) by meteorologist K.E. Puls. Very clear!
Policy Consequences of the Narrow View of the IPCC Very good comments by Roger Pielke Sr. on his blog: "The focus on carbon dioxide emissions as the dominate human climate forcing is resulting in the misleading of policymakers." Many other links. 
Climate prediction from tree rings Poster from Finnish research with prediction for future temperatures, based on their analysis of tree rings. No pending thermal catastrophe! Graph and  WCR comment.
Do tree leaves have a thermostat? Have all tree ring paleo-climate records got it wrong, and is this the final nail into the hockey-stick coffin? Read also here!
Who killed cap and trade?  Article by M. Schellenberger: "..environmental groups and Democratic lawmakers might have considered an alternative approach, one focused on making clean energy cheap rather than making dirty energy expensive". Read also here.
Soot not CO2 melts Arctic ice!  Read this article.from Scientific American.
The Copenhagen Consensus Forget climate change, we should spend on nutrition! Also here
Economics, Politics and Climate Change: Are the Sceptics Right? Julian Hodge Bank Lecture by Prof. Colin Robinson, Apr. 2008. "Direct promotion by governments of particular ways of `solving’ the perceived problems is unlikely to succeed and is only too likely to have unfortunate side-effects, including constraints on individual freedom"
IEA: Energy Technology Perspectives 2008 Executive Summary  

Jim Crow energy policies

Very good article of R. Innis in The Washington Times on energy policies.
The Devil is in the Generalities Excellent article by Prof. McKitrick, of the hockeystick killer-team.

Advancing decadal-scale climate prediction in the North Atlantic sector

Abstract of paper by N. Keenlyside et al. in Nature.  No Global Warming for the next 10 years!
Did the IPCC forecast this? NO!. Read also this paper on the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (MOC) variability. Weltwoche article here. And chuckle with L. Motl ! 

Climate Models Overheat Antarctica

ScienceDaily article. For the past century: models: + 0.75°C, observations +0.2°C
Reconstruction of past decades sea level using thermosteric sea level, tide gauge, satellite altimetry and ocean reanalysis data Is the sea level rise accelerating ? No say Berge-Nguyen in this paper (ScienceDirect abstract). Look also here and here.
The apocalypse is the scientist’s fundamentalism Lord Robert Skidelsky: "Scientists are notoriously loath to jettison conclusions reached by approved scientific methods, however faulty. But their intolerance of dissent is hugely magnified when they see themselves as captains in a salvationist army dedicated to purging the world of evil habits."
Air pollution by ozone through Europe in Summer 2007 At last, a ray of hope: "Ozone levels during the summer of 2007 were among the lowest in the past decade" says this EEA report. But:  "... the directive's long-term objective to protect human health (maximum c(O3) of 120 μg/m3 over 8 hours) was extensively exceeded in the EU and other European countries. " Not a surprise here: set your maxima impossibly low, and you will be sure to surpass them every year (and have a good argument for more research money!). See meteoLCD  trends!
The Sloppy Science of Global Warming By Dr. Roy Spencer, in Energy Tribune.
The Civil Society Report on Climate Change Contains a remarkable chapter by Paul Reiter (Institut Pasteur): Human Ecology and Human Behavior: Climate change and health in perspective. Big and well written report.

The REAL inconvenient truth

Read this very clear article by Lord Nigel Lawson (Daily Mirror, 06Apr08). Also this comment by Christopher Booker in UK's Telegraph.

Peer-Reviewed Articles Skeptical Of Man-Caused Global Warming

A huge collection of links to peer reviewed papers in major scientific journals, nicely organized in groups

Biofuels in the European Context: Facts and Uncertainties


This is an eye-opener (2008) from the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission: "It is obvious that the cost disadvantage of biofuels is so great with respect to conventional fuels (at least in the mix foreseen in the scenarios analysed), that even in the best of cases, they exceed the value of the external benefits that can be achieved."
Climate change and health Read article "More Global Warming Nonsense" by Paul Reiter. And to illustrate the opposite, read this article in the Luxemburger Wort containing (besides some evident truth) all the GW clichés we are used too.
Climate Change, Natural or Man-Made? Article by author Malcom Heymer; many references.
An exchange on Climate Science and Alarm An absolute must read of two articles, one by R. Lindzen (MIT), the other by S. Rahmstorf (PKI) and the extremely clear and readable comments of Lindzen. (March 2008)
Aerosol radiative forcing and climate sensitivity deduced from the Last Glacial Maximum to Holocene transition New AGU paper by Chylek et al on climate sensitivity: historic value was 0.49 W/m2. See also here!
Tornetraesk tree ring width New paper by Grudd on Tornetraesk treerings: "The late-twentieth century, however, is not exceptionally warm in the new record" (Springerlink abstract)
SPM of the NIPCC Read the Summry for Policy Makers of the Non-Governmental IPCC (NIPCC)  
The greenhouse effect A blockbuster very theoretical paper by Ferenc Miskolczi on greenhouse radiative equations."...the increased atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations must not be the reason of global warming...". Read also this more palatable article .
Potential in climate controversy Dr. Joanne Simpson (formerly of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) writes at Climaze Science blog: "Since I am no longer affiliated with any organization nor receive any funding, I can speak quite frankly"
Freeman Dyson speaking on GW and CO2 Video!
Climate of belief Extremely clear article by Dr. Pat Frank explaining the uncertainties of climate models and the folly to predict 2100 global temperatures using actual GCM's.
Sun changes will bring cooling soon Sun changes will bring cooling soon say Science and Space Research Center and Nasa. Should we expect a Dalton minimum #2 ?
Planned EU "climate" guidelines Suicidal madness or realistic targets? : read Prof. Stott's critique here and an interview with president V. Klaus.
Ocean circulation in a warmer world "It seems that the information from the past is telling us to expect a stronger oceanic circulation in the warmer climate to come". Read this very important paper in Nature online! (17Jan2008)
The dangerous rise of carbon fundamentalism Read comment by B. Allenby in greenbiz
Wind Patterns Wind Patterns Could Mask Effects Of Global Warming In Ocean "These local changes in heat storage are typically 10 times larger than any global warming trend". Science Daily 15Feb08
Witanagemot Justice Roger Pielke Jr. from the University of Colorado (Prometheus blog) on the "attack dog climate scientists"
Are bristlecones good proxies for past climate? This important subject is discussed here (ongoing report)
Weather, climate and noise Excellent discussion by Lubos Motl on a subject raised by realclimate.
La Grande Illusion: courant vert et bleu A non-scientific article by F. Massen in Luxembourg's national newspaper Luxemburger Wort (17Jan08) on "green" and "ordinary" electricity. In French, pdf..
Decadal Trends in Sea Level Patterns: 1993–2004 Prof. Carl Wunsch (MIT)  et al.: best estimate of trend of sea level rise is 1.6 mm/year. No acceleration, no Rahmstorfian surge! (2007, AMS). "At best, the determination and attribution of global-mean sea level change lies at the very edge of knowledge and technology"
The Inhove Report of over 400 "sceptikal" scientists to the US Senate (Dec 2007)
Climate Strategy: between Ambition and Realism Translated summary of a report by the Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR)
Inconsistencies in IPCC presentation of GW Prof. Pielke on several incorrect claims of the latest IPCC AR4 (from Climate Science webblog)
Don't fight, adapt! An "Open Letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations" (with list of 100 signatures) (13Dec07); there is no consensus on AGW ! " In stark contrast to the often repeated assertion that the science of climate change is "settled," significant new peer-reviewed research has cast even more doubt on the hypothesis of dangerous human-caused global warming."
A comparison of tropical temperature trends with model predictions An explosive paper (Dec.2007, Internat. Journal of Climatology) by Douglass et al. Models can not explain observations of past 30 years! Read some comments of the authors here! "The observed pattern of warming, comparing surface and atmospheric temperature trends, does not show the characteristic fingerprint associated with greenhouse warming. ... human contribution is not significant and observed increases in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases make only a negligible contribution to climate warming". Others: here
Summary of 2007 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Activity by Klotzbach & Gray. "Although global surface temperatures have increased over the last century and over the last 30 years, there is no reliable data available to indicate increased hurricane frequency or intensity in any of the globe’s seven tropical cyclone basins besides the Atlantic"
Shortwave Forcing of Earth's Climate A new (2007) important paper by Goode & Pallé on modern and historical variations in the Sun’s irradiance and the Earth’s reflectance: " the Earth’s large scale reflectance... is a much more variable climate parameter than previously thought" " The decrease in the Earth’s reflectance from 1984 to 2000 ... translates into a Bond albedo decrease of 0.02 (out of the nominal value of about 0.30) or an additional global shortwave forcing of 6.8W/m2... IPCC, 2001 argues for a 2.4W/m2 increase in CO2 longwave forcing since 1850".
Politics posing as Science A critical discussion of IPCC's  AR4-SPM. Click here for the originals: SPM and  full report.

Geocentric sea-level trend estimates from GPS analyses at relevant tide gauges world-wide

Important new paper by Wöppelmann et al. on precise sea-level measurements, using GPS data to correct the tide-gauges record for land movements. Sea-level rise is 1.31 mm/year (not 1.8 mm/year) for the last 100 years.
Chill Out A report on a presentation by Prof. R. Lindzen at Colgate University (No. 2007)

Phenomenological reconstructions of the solar signature in the Northern Hemisphere surface temperature records since 1600

A new GRL paper by Scafetta & West: "...the Sun might have contributed up to approximately 50% (or more if  ACRIM is implemented) of the observed global warming since 1900." Read also this interview of Scafetta by Charles Muller (in French)
Climate Science Prof. Roger Pielke's famous Climate Science website is back. Look here for a different view from the consensus crowd! This site does not parrot, but thinks!
Climate Change 2007: Synthesis Report Link to the Summary for Policymakers. Full report here.
Arctic Ocean Circulation Does an About-Face A report from NASA scientists: "The results ( of this study) suggest not all the large changes seen in Arctic climate in recent years are a result of long-term trends associated with global warming." Abstract here.
We are brainwashing our children Interview with Dr. Vincent Gray: in the Sydney Morning Herald (14th Oct.07)
Northern hemisphere tropical cyclone activity at a historic low!  And read here how badly wrong was NOAA's prediction for 2007!
Help we are cooling!   See Al Gore's AIT original graph! (read here too). Were Al's referees shortsighted?
European Storminess: late nineteenth century to present New paper by Matulla, von Storch et al: storminess did not continuously increase: "Most recent years are characterized by a return to average or calm conditions"
 A 2000-year global temperature reconstruction based on non-treering proxies.  A very important paper by C. Loehle (Energy & Environment 2007, 18(7-8): 1049-1058) showing that omittimg dubious tree-ring data from past temperature recontructions gives a clear indication of the MWP and LIA; MWP was warmer than 20th century! (make your own graph from this Excel file)
Interview: Vaclav Klaus from the Wirtschaftswoche, 10Nov07 (in German)
Emissions Reductions may be risky Paper by A. Carlin for the EPA: "emissions reductions alone do not appear to be an effective and efficient single strategy for climate change control" (June 2007, NCEE paper). Original link here.

Modelling the Baltic Sea ocean climate on centennial time scale; temperature and sea ice

Interesting paper by Hansson et al. in Climate Dynamics: "... it cannot clearly be stated that the region is experiencing climate change outside the natural limits of the past 500 years ". Link to abstract, read also WCR discussion here.Full text available through the BNL portal (Springerlink)
Is there a basis for global warming alarm?  NO! says Prof. Richard Lindzen in an Oct.2007 research article in The Independent Institute
The Greenland-Antarctica melting problem does not exist Comment by Prof. Cliff Collier (The University of Western Australia): Hansen's models are flawed!
Read also here a pdf version ("Are the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheet in Danger of Collapse?" Nov.2007)
Time to ditch Kyoto Explosive article by Prins & Rayner in Nature (, October 2007)
Words from Freeman Dyson From the autobiography of this great British-American physicist.
Today's forecast: yet another blast of hot air David Bellamy in the Times (October 2007)
Show AIT only with warnings in schools! 11 inaccuracies in Al Gore's AIT must be mentioned, rules a UK judge.
The Great Pacific Climate Shift by meteorologist Joe d'Aleo
On AGW and climate change (audio!) Lively and witty (mp3): Prof Stott at the CSP 
Mean summer air temperature as derived from Eurasian tree-rings : Sidorova et al: no much global warming here! (see poster here)

Confidence, uncertainty and decision-support relevance in climate predictions

Very interesting paper by Stainforth et al. on climate models uncertainties (June 2007). Read here the comments of Lubos Motl on the related paper by Roe and Marcia Baker "Why is climate sensitivity so unpredictable"
Global Warming Delusions Read this clear article by emeritus Prof. Botkin from UCSB (WSJ, 17 October 07): "...the popular imagination today appears to have been captured by beliefs that have little scientific basis"
Confidence, Uncertainty and Decision-Support Relevance in Climate Predictions Very interesting paper by Stainforth at al. on current climate model shortcomings (Jun 2007)

Space-Based Solar Cells

for powering the earth are back in fashion! Read Lisa Ziga from Inventorspot (14Oct07) (also here)
Polar Earth Quakes are Common and have nothing to do with GW, says Jose Rial is professor of geophysics, University of North Carolina
Support for Call for Review of UN IPCC Dr. Vincent Gray, an IPCC Expert Reviewer, writes "the disappearance of the IPCC in disgrace is not only desirable but inevitable". (10Oct07)

The Myth of Dangerous Human-Caused Climate Change

Well written paper (May 2007) of Prof. Bob Carter, James Cook University. Cites
A Cool Look at Global Warming (mp3) A lively 14 min./3MB speach of Prof. Stott at the CSP on GW and CC (02Oct2007). Full session here.(16MB.)
Comment on Osborne and Briffa paper (Science,10 February 2006) By Gerd Burger, FU Berlin: "..the significance of the 20th-century warming anomaly disappears". Here and here
Clues to End of the Last Ice Age Prof. Lowell Stott at USC News: "carbon dioxide did not cause the end of the last ice age"

N2O release from agro-biofuel production negates global warming reduction by replacing fossil fuels

Biofuels boost greenhouse gases: read this new paper by P. Crutzen et al. (Oct. 2007, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions)
Nasa news on arctic winter ice loss Nghiem: "...the rapid decline in winter perennial ice the past two years was caused by unusual winds". See also here and here for the paper.
Debunking sea-level rise scare An hysteria loaden AP article on sea-level rise is debunked by proeminent scientists.
Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Robinson et al paper: "increases during the 20th and early 21st centuries have produced no deleterious effects upon Earth’s weather and climate". Read this paper that debunks most Al Gore's myths!
An Inconvenient Expert A 4 page article by OUTSIDE Magazine on Prof. Richard Lindzen.(Oct. 2007)
Reply to Lockwood et al paper A reply by Svensmark & Friis-Christensen from the Danish Space Center to the paper of Lockwood & Fröhlich "The persistent role of the Sun in climate forcing": Contrary to the argument of Lockwood and Fröhlich, the Sun still appears to be the main forcing agent in global climate change.
Chemists poke holes in ozone theory New research by M. Rex and Q. Schiermeier shows problems with current ozone depletion models concerning ClOOCl photolysis: here and here . 60% of ozone hole may be due to unknown factors (not freon or similar gases) 
Vaclav Klaus speeches at the UN and USA (Oct.2007) Vaclav Klaus at the UN: "...the risk is too small, the costs of eliminating it too high and the application of a fundamentalistically interpreted “precautionary principle” a wrong strategy". Read full speach here and listen here! (also here , here and here)
Solar Wind Warming Up Earth Read this article by Yuri Zaitsev in Novosti, 28 Sep 07.

The Impact of Scaling Behavior on Tropical Cyclone Intensities


"The increase in the fraction of intense tropical cyclones in recent decades results primarily from a shift in this scaling transition toward weaker winds rather than an increase in the maximum potential intensity directly attributable to rising sea surface temperatures" (GRL paper by Swanson; link to draft). Read also here!

Clarity emerging on hurricanes? Read this Op/Ed by Kevin Trenberth and the response of William Gray
Climate change debate could be changiing Comment by Ben Lieberman on the National Review Online, 28 September 2007
Direct and indirect metabolic CO2 release by humanity 251 g carbon per day per individuum --> it's > 3Gt carbon per year for the whole world, domesticated animals included,  say Prairie et al., with a spectacular rise since 1850; and all this ignored by the IPCC! Read also the CO2 Science discussion of this paper here. Please save the world and stop breathing (or at least ask your dogs & cats to do it!).
Climate Corrections Cristal-clear article of Prof. Akasofu in WSJ (12 September 2007)
The APEC declaration on Climate Change and Energy The Sydney APEC declaration (09Sep07)
Global Warming: Forecasts by Scientists versus Scientific Forecasts Read this paper (draft) of Prof. Scott Armstrong from Pennsylvania University. Regarding the IPCC 4AR: "...the forecasts in the Report were not the outcome of scientific procedures. In effect, they were the opinions of scientists transformed by mathematics and obscured by complex writing"
Arctic ocean getting warm; seals vanish and icebergs melt ...Great masses of ice have now been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, many points well-known glaciers have entirely disappeared...The Washington Post, Nov 2nd, 1922(!) (see here).

Heat Capacity, Time Constant, and Sensitivity of Earth's  Climate System

Climate sensitivity is only 1.1°C ! (IPCC says 3°C). Read the full Schwartz paper and also his Nature Report here!.
How much more rain will global warming bring? Precipitation and wind-speed: climate models get it completely wrong! Read CO2Science discussion of Wentz et al. (Science, 2007) paper.
Global Warming and hurricanes (2007) Read the latest papers by Landsea, Holland and Chang on this subject!
Shining more light on the solar factor Lockwood/Frohlich stated that the solar influence on climate change is negligeable for the last 20 years; read this discussion with contributions from Willson and Scafetta (who's comment gives a very clear explanation of the differences of the different TSI data series) 
Large Natural Halogens in Antarctica found The British Antarctica Survey and teams from the  universities of Leeds and East Anglia found large natural occuring iodine levels, which are potential ozone killers (26 Jul 2007)

Heat Capacity, Time Constant, and Sensitivity of Earth's Climate System

Read this outstanding paper by Stephen Schwartz from Brookhaven National Lab. (June 2007)
On  recent advancing glaciers in Norway and New Zealand By Dr. Winkler (Uni Würzburg, poster) and Chinn et al.(full paper). Pictures here! Read also Kaser on Kilimandjaro glacier retreat
Climate Stability, an inconvenient proof New paper by Bellamy et al (link to abstract, full text is 30$): "doubling of CO2 will amount to less than 1°C global warming"
An Economists look at Global Warming from Nobelist Gary Becker
Planet against the Grain Excellent presentation of J. Foley on Land Cover/Land Use Change impacts. "Agriculture is a major planetary force...Current focus on CO2/climate connection is very short sighted.."
The Great Global Warming Swindle (interview) The controversial film by Martin Durkheim continues to make waves and splashes. This is an interview by Tony Jones (Australia) with Durkheim. See here for the film and also here for the upcoming DVD.
Trends in solar climate forcings Interesting and very readable paper of Lockwood et al., concluding that the trend in various solar parameters since 1985 can not explain the rise in global air temperature.  This paper will not be the last word on this important subject: see here
The Global Warming Myth Prof. David Bellamy on the NZ Climate Science Coalition: "Why scare the families of the world with tales that polar bears are heading for extinction when there is good evidence that there are now twice as many of these iconic animals"
Creationism, geology and global warming Interesting interview on ABC Radio National with skeptical Prof. Ian Plimer from University of Adelaide; he talks shortly on creationism and Broken Hill geology, and much on GW. (12MB mp3 audio)
Linkages between solar activity, climate predictability and water resource development Interesting paper by Alexander et al. (South-Africa) on the linkages between solar activity, climate predictability and water resource development.
Very high-level Mont-Blanc glaciated areas not effected by the 20th Century climate change Mont-Blanc glaciers not shrinking! New Vincent et al paper: "The most striking features of these figures are the small thickness changes observed over the 20th century". Abstract only  here .
Sun's Shifts May Cause Global Warming An interview with Henrik Svensmark in Discover Magazine online
Climate Mythology A presentation of Richard Seager at Columbia University ( 7Jun07) on the panic of a Gulfstream slowdown. Full text here.
US Energy Security and Climate Change Initiative Overview by Benny Peiser at
Development of a parametrization for simulation the urban temperature hazard... New paper by Menglin et al. on the urban heat effect. "Although a single urban region may not result in a large impact on global climate, the collective impact of all urban regions on the global climate system is as yet unknown and unstudied"
Subscription to Springerlink needed to access full text
ABC of Greenhouse Effect Very readable article by Lubos Motl from Harvard University. Most of global warming is past history!
Read also Realclimate's explanations here and here!
On Global Warming Heresy Crystal-clear article of Prof. R. Lindzen 
Kilimanjaro glacier melt Yet another AGW and Al Gore icon collapses: Kilimanjaro glacier melt not due to global warming. Also here.
The Physical Basis of Climate Change The full text of the IPCC 4AR WG1 is now available (every chapter is one pdf file)
I was on the Global Warming Gravy Train by David Evans, scientist doing carbon accounting and modelling for the Australian Government
Global Warming, Truth or Propaganda? A Q&A session with Czech president Vaclav Klaus, who is a very vocal GW skeptic. (Financial Times, 24/06/07)
Claim that sea level is rising is a total fraud Read this interesting interview with Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner from Stockholm University (look also here)
Don't bet on man made global warming Interview with astrophysicist/meteorologist Dr. Piers Corbyn. See also here and here (interesting, but P. Corbyn won't get a price for his Powerpoint style!)

Predictions of climate

A must-read article by Kevin Trenberth (IPCC author) on the shortcomings of GCM and the importance of regional climate studies; IPCC scenarios are not predictions, just projections! (Climate Feedback blog, Nature). This intelligent paper is a far way off the usual "Al Gore'ism".
The Dirty Snow Much of Arctic's current warming could be caused by black carbon (BC) deposits (New-York Times article, reading needs free registration). GRL abstract here.
On sea level rise "Diese Daten von Nord- und Südpol widerlegen düstere Prophezeiungen, der Meeresspiegel könne in kurzer Zeit um mehrere Meter ansteigen" (Heinz Miller, AWI). Article in Die Zeit (in German)
The Past and Future of Climate Based on the delayed onset of solar cycle #24 David Archibald predicts imminent cooling! See here for the official NOAA release on the upcoming cycle #24
Near-surface permafrost degradation: How severe during the 21st century? New GRL paper by Delisle: permafrost degradation vastly exaggerated in models (link to abstract)
Hurricanes and CO2 rise Unsolicited editorial from Prof. Gray (original link here!)
Is the sky really falling?  Pat Michaels writes on the flood of global warming papers.
Call their tax Ross McKitrick (one of the demolishers of the hocky stick) proposes a carbon tax tied to tropospheric temperature rise: no rise, no tax; big rise, big tax! (link to Financial Post of Canada)
Global Warming as Religion Essay by John Brignell of
Unresolved issues using global temperature A new Pielke et al paper (pre-release) on unresolved issues using surface temperature (93 pages!)
The Nature of Arguments for AGW By Richard Lindzen.
Klimahysterie Well written article from CICERO by Michael Miersch, link to FOCUS Online (in German). Read also this  related article on biofuels (also in German)
2003 European heat wave unusual?  Chase et al. say that " strong support that regional heat or cold waves are increasing..."
Lifting the taboo on adaptation Excellent comment by Roger Pielke Jr. et al in Nature (Feb.2007)
From Russia with Gas Interesting report by Dr. Liechtenstein (Insitute Thomas More) on future European energy problems
Unresolved Issues with the Assessment of Multi-Decadal Global Land-Surface Temperature Trends New interesting paper by Pielke et al: ." a climate metric to diagnose global warming, the surface temperature trend not the most suitable climate metric" (prerelease, pdf, 93 pages)
Solar cycle 25 could be weakest in centuries Could this bring us the next Little Ice Age? Read what Nasa says. (also read D. Archibald here)
Earth recovering from Litttle Ice Age Excellent paper by Prof. Akasofu, Director of the International Arctic Research Center
Ich hoffe, das hört bald auf  Read this crystal-clear interview with R. Lindzen in the Weltwoche (in German).
Ihr kennt die wahren Gruende nicht Comment by Augusto Mangini, palaeoclimatologue, Uni. Heidelberg (in German)
Solar Energy Conversion Excellent article by Crabtree/Lewis in Physics Today
Sea water emissivity, a neglected climate forcing Sante Fe 2006 presentation of Dr. Hartwig Volz from RWE on an important climate forcing factor, stubbornly ignored by the IPPC consensus. Good and clear!
Why has global warming become such a passionate subject?  Prof. Akasofu,  Director of the International Arctic Research Center
We have to take away... people's fear of climate change. Prof. Von Storch in Spiegel.(16 Mar 07)
Global Warming: the Bogus Religion of our Age Prof. Richard Lindzen in the Daily Mail (25 Mar 07)
Golfstrom schwaecht nicht ab Article in Die Zeit on the latest IFM-Geomar paper (16 Mar 07, in German)
Kosmisch-Solar Article by F. Massen in Luxembourg's main news paper (in German; 17 Mar 07)
Does a Global Temperature exist? Very interesting paper by Essex/McKitrick, lots of healthy maths! Read a more easy-going text here.
CO2: The Greatest Scientific Scandal of Our Time A vocal article by Prof. Jaworowski in EIR
Klimakatastrophenzweifel   A series by Hans Labohm in novo-magazin, in German
Scientific Errors with the  IPCC SPM (Feb07) Read this artucle of Prof. Roger Pielke in "SCitizen"
End the Chill Lawrence Solomon of the Urban Renaissance Institute on global warming "deniers"

Numerical Models, Integrated Circuits and Global Warming Theory

Read this article in American Thinker by Jerome Schmitt, president of NanoEngineering Corporation, on climate models

A climate of alarm

Richard Lindzen on the Physics World -Physics Web

The green fervour

A article on Dr. David Orrell new book "Appollo's Arrow" (why models must fail)
Multi-scale analysis of temperature change Zhen-Shan et al. on coming cooling!
Global Warming is a false Myth says Czech president Vaclav Klaus
Gloom and Doom Comment by F. Massen on 4AR SPM to Luxembourg's top national news paper (in German) with a reply from researcher G. Kneip of the CRTE culminating in a call for censor-ship!
IPPC 4AR Summary for Policy Makers  original 02Feb07 version with errors here , new 05Feb07 version here.
Multi-scale Analysis of Global Temperature Changes... Paper by Zhin-Shan et al. showing coming cooling trend, based on a signal analysis method (EMD)
Interstellar-Terrestrial Relations Big (139 pages) and interesting paper by Scherer et al. on interstellar terrestrial relations; read here some sentences from coauthor Jan Veizer (Hebrew University) on climate and galactic cosmic rays.
Life's too short to be carbon neutral (spo1) & The sin of flying (spo2) on spiked online!
Richard Lindzen on CNN (excerpt) "...and I think future generations are not going to blame us for anything except for being silly, for letting a few tenths of a degree panic us"
Energy [r]evolution Erec-Greenpeace report "energy [r]evolution": civil nuclear energy must be phased out (even if it's low CO2 footprint beats all records!)
Poster on global sea-level change during the 20th century By Simon Holgate, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, Liverpool; quite different from ICCP's 4AR SPM!
Dangers of Disinformation Prof. Paul Reiter on alleged spreading of tropical diseases (International Herald Tribune, 11Jan2007)

Warum Kritiker der Horrorszenarien keine Chance haben

Excellent editorial (03 Feb 07) from Die WELT (in German)
A personal call for modesty, integrity and balance An extremely well written article by Dutch Prof. Henk Tennekes; from Prof. Roger Pielke's weblog.
Hot Topic Read this well written editorial on PhysicsWEB and follow the link to Richard Lindzen "A climate of alarm")
Hysteria Excerpt from Lubos Motl's (Harvard Assistant Professor) blog
Richard Lindzen on CNN Larry King Late Night Excerpt with two statements by Prof. Richard Lindzen, MIT. Full transcript here!
Political Interference in Science: Global Warming This is the Roger Pielke Jr. testimony (extended version) of 30Jan07 to the Committe on Government Reform (US House of Representatives). Clear, intelligent, good.
The Stern Review: a Dual Critique A MUST READ 2 part article by Carter, Lindzen, de Freitas and al. on the Stern Review. (World Economics Journal, Vol.7/4. Oct-Dec06). 
On the decadal rates of sea level change during the 
twentieth century
Very important paper on sealevel change: it was noticeable higher during the first than the last part of the 20th century. Sealevel was constant or even falling during the last 10 years!. Look here for a poster of the results.
Kyoto sinks Europe Read Benny Peiser's article in the National Post (Canada), 09Jan07; read also the comments on Kyoto of former Luxembourg minister Robert Goebbels and journalist Dirk Maxeiner
Lifecycle GHG emissions for electricity generation   Read this interesting paper by Spadaro et al. on the lifecycle GHG emissions of various electricity generation processes (IAEA Bulletin 42/2/2000)
La France doit rester en tête de la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique Article (in French) published in Le Figaro (26Dec06) by 3 French nobelists; the remarkable point is the insistance on the necessity to use nuclear energy (of which France is world champion).
New Ideas in Science Read this wonderful year 1989 article of the late Dr. Gold on science herd instinct, referee and funding problems; Dr. Gold is the father of the heretic "deep hot biosphere" thesis, which has been recently confirmed in a spectacular manner by the findings of nano-microbes in disused mine waters. Everything he writes rings true also for current climatology!
Laying Ten Global Warming Myths Prof. Bob Carter from the James Cook University, Australia.
Hot and Cold Media Spin Cycle US Senator Inhofe released a booklet on media climate alarmism. Even if you don't follow Inhofe at 100%, this booklet contains a gold mine of useful links.
Chaotic world of climate truth Mike Hulme, director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, on climate catastrophism.
Farm animals and methane FAO says: they are responsible for 14 to 18% of greenhouse gases (table, full report )
The Morality of Climate Change Good comment by Prof Carter on Al Gore's moral hammerings... original (and many other good articles) at Prof. Carter's web site here. Read also this (02 Oct 2007).

Orakel des Untergangs

A comment by Lord Nigel Lawson in issue 48/6 of  Die Weltwoche (in German)
Are Humans involved in Global Warming? A paper by Khilyuk and Chilingar in Environmental Geology raises fundamental questions: "Humans may be responsible for less than 0.01°C (of approximately 0.56°C (1°F) total average atmospheric heating during the last century". The link is to a discussion on the World Climate Report web site.

A Search for Scale in Sea-Level Studies

Larsen & Clark report in the journal of Coastal research that there is no connection between CO2 and sea-level rise.
SW Greenland temperature data New important paper by Vinther et al: Greenland warmest decades were 1930/40; 1990/2000 decades colder than any previous 6 cold decades! Read comment here .
Apocalypse Cancelled and Gore Gored   Read these articles by Christopher Monckton (Viscount Monckton of Brenchley) published in Sunday Telegraph; the first is a sober comment on the climat scare fashion, the second an answer to Al Gore.
Media past coverage of climate problems: fire and ice!  see also  here
Temperature is as likely to go down as up  Article by Richard Lindzen (MIT) in Sunday Telegraph
The Stern Review 1. The much pre-hyped Stern review has been published; read comments by Prof. R. Tol  ("the Stern review can be dismissed as alarmist and incompetent"), B. Lomborg , P. Stott , G. Reisman, Newsweek.
Grape harvest dates are poor indicators of summer warmth Read these remarks (with link to his paper published in Theoretical and Appl ied Climatology) of  Douglas Keenan following the much hyped publication in Nature of  I. Chuine's paper on using grape harvest dates as a temperature proxy
L'affaire Allègre Discussion on the reactions to Claude Allègre's article in L'Express, Sep. 2006  (in French); here Allègre's latest article "Le droit au doute scientifique" published in Le Monde (26 Oct 06)
Klimaschutz ist gar nicht so wichtig Article (German translation) in Die Welt by Bjoern Lomborg
Fire and Ice Read this Business and Media special report on media coverage of future climate.
Getting closer to the cosmic connection to climate H. Svensmark from the Danish National Space Center has shown in the SKY experiment that cosmic galactic rays modulated by the sun's activity are a BIG player in the global warming debate!
India's Economic Progress in a Changing Climate Benefits of Global Warming. Very sober article by Indian meteorologist Madhav L. Khandekar
Sehnsucht nach dem Hurrikan Dirk Maxeiner (formar redactor in chief of german "natur" magazine) on climate alarmism  (in German)
Global temperature change Read this new (25Sep2006) scary PNAS paper by James Hansen et al... don't take it for the last word!
Hot & Cold Media Spin: A Challenge To Journalists Who Cover Global Warming Senator James Inhofe of the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works (25 Sep 06)
A complete list of all things caused by Global Warming Very funny updated list on papers and research: there is nothing NOT caused by AGW !
Le réchauffement climatique est un mythe Interview (in French) with exremely sceptical Prof. Marcel Leroux (Université Lyon 3); published 2004.
Last stand of our wild polar bears Dr. Taylor, a Canadian polar bear biologist: the Arctic bear populations are fine and not declining!
Russian scientist predicts global cooling starting soon! Khabibullo Abdusamatov: a period of global cooling similar to one seen in the late 17th could start in 2012-2015 and reach its peak in 2055-2060. Read also the 1975(!)  Newsweek article on impending global cooling!
Greenland Climate change Abstract of paper by P. Chylek at the Sante Fe conference (July 2006) on GW and Next Ice Age; see here a PDF file with all abstracts of that conference.
Recent Cooling of the Upper Ocean Link to draft version of the GRL paper by Lyman et al. (July 2006) showing (unexpected!) cooling trend 2003-2005
The Past and Future Ocean Circulation from a Contemporary Perspective Excellent paper (some maths!) from MIT's Carl Wunsch on thermohaline circulation (July 2006)
Trends in tropical cyclone activity over the past 20 years Read this GRL (May 2006) paper by P. Klotzbach: Emanuel's Nature paper disprooved!
Ocean heat storage trends Read the original Willis GRL paper (2004, 4MB, pdf) and the comments by R. Pielke
The Wegman Report A report on the statistics used in MBH's hockeystick paper. Condemning!
Hot air: Does GW increase El Nino's? Read this comment by Prof. Anthony Lupo (Univ. of Missouri, Columbia)
Gorey truths Iain Murray finds 25 inconvient truths in Al Gore's book "An Inconvienent Truth"
List of all things caused by global warming Read this hilarious list from numberwatch... everything is referenced!
There is no consensus on global warming Article by R. Lindzen in WSJ 26 June 2006: Read it!
Role of tropospheric ozone increases in 20th century climate change Interesting GRL paper: models suggest up to 0.5°C O3 induced summertime warming in polluted regions.
Climate Consensus and the End of Science Essay by Terence Corcoran (16 June 2006) on climate science becoming a belief system.
Smog 60 - nutzlos? A comment by Francis Massen on the efficiency of reducing overland traffic speed  on ozone reduction ( in German)
Satellite Temperature data Absolute clear presentation by John Christy and Roy Spencer of UAH, with discussion (pdf, April 2006)
Greenland warming of 1920-1930 and 1995-2005 An extract from the Chylek et al paper published in GRL June 2006
How much bioenergy can Europe support? EEA report 7-2006 on environmental sustainable bioenergy potential
The greening of African SAHEL Read 2 papers by Herrmann et al. (here and here) and another by Ollson et al (here) on the ongoing greening of the Sahel region: desertification is NOT on increase but decreases!
So now we’re Holocaust deniers A non scientific comment by Dr. Roy Spencer (originally published in TCSdaily)
Sea Ice Extent: how to get your favourite trend A caustic comment by F. Massen on a recent GRL paper by Vinnikov et al.
Hurricane Katrina and the global warming science: more muddled OR settled? A very clear article from M. Khandekar, member of the AMS.
The Influence of Solar Changes on Earth's Climate Authors Gray et al. Hadley Centre technical note 62 written in prepartion for the coming IPCC FAR. Large, but very clearly written report on current state of knowledge. Please read at least the extended summary. PDF format, 82 pages.
Biomass Movement Article by MIT professor John Deutch on biomass potential and problems (WSJ 19 May 2006 and other sources)
Kioto: Schein oder Sein A non-scientific article by Francis Massen on the hypocrisy of Luxembourg's Kyoto politics (in German)
Richard Lindzen will receive the LEO prize Read also these comments by Gösta Walin on the climate issue. 
Going Nuclear: A Green makes the case Patrick Moore, one of Greenpeace founders, pushes going to nuclear. What a change!
Climate Science WEBlog Statement Read these statements by Prof. Roger Pielke Sr from Colostate University
Open Kyoto to debate A letter from 60 Canadian scientists to Prime Minister S. Harper
If I am right A comment by Charles Moore, editor of the Daily Telegraph
Phenomenological solar contribution to the 1900-2000 global surface warming Read this discussion and summary of the Scafetta/West paper in GRL finding that "the sun contributed as much as 45–50% of the 1900–2000 global warming ..."
Deep Thought Read this clear, non-scientific comment from Lord Nigel Lawson (published in The Spectator, 11th March 06)
Understanding Common Climate Claims Absolute must read paper by Richard Lindzen (draft, pdf, 479kB, highlighting by meteoLCD)
Interplay between theory and experiment An extract from a discussion by Lubos Motl, assistant professor, Cambridge, USA. Makes a very good reading!
Reconstruction of historic temperatures A Powerpoint presentation by von Storch/Zorita/Gonzalès-Rouco at the meeting #1 of the " Open Session of Committee
 on Surface Temperature Reconstructions for the past 1,000-2,000 Years: Synthesis of Current Understanding and Challenges for the Future, Washington, 2.3.2006 " (7.5MB)   Click here for a html transcript!
Grace measurements of Antarctica and Greenland ice loss Twin Grace satellites measurements show Antarctica and Greenland ice loss: Nasa report, abstract, animation.
Read this 2005 Antarctica report which does not agree! And finally look here and here for the problem of mass confusion and altimetry, a sceptic comment and a very good article by Pat Michaels!
Reflections of a Climate Sceptic Read this very clear essay by Durch professor Dr. Hendrik Tennekes
How to be a Real Sceptic a very short comment by Francis Massen to this blog, and the answer of Gavin Schmit
The Treatment of Climate Change Issues report by Ian Byatt, David Henderson, Alan Peacock and Colin Robinson (UK scientists and economists)
Hurricane Power and Global Warming read here critical comments by Pielke and Landsea on Kerry's paper, and Kerry's response.
A short catch-phrase by journalist Margaret Wente from Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail
and a very short comment by Richard Lindzen Only 3 lines to read and meditate!
Global warming theory can not get it wrong! Comment by Edouardo Ferreyra
Culture shock in Montreal Read Roy Spencer's acid report on COP-11
Climate: past ranges and future changes A QSR 2005 paper by J. Esper at all: please read the conclusion!
A Change in Atlantic Circulation Read here several discussions on the Bryden et al. paper (Nature, Dec.1 2005) on a measured slow-down of some part of the thermohaline flow (but NOT the Gulf Stream!).
2005 GHG emissions and trends report The European Environment Agency's 2005 report; highlights (most related to Luxembourg)  by meteoLCD (9.6 MB)
Global Warming Overkill Read this comment by Pat Michaels on a paper in Nature by Patz et al. on increasing deaths due to global warming.
Read here a WHO report on this problem (published in 2000; J. Patz is a coauthor).
Kioto-Katerstimmung A non scientific comment by Francis Massen to the Luxemburger Wort (Luxembourg's biggest newspaper; in German, pdf; published 07Dec05)
Europe's Kyoto Bill A comment by Carlo Stagnaro from Techcentralstation: Kyoto's bill will hurt badly!
Microclimate Exposures of Surface-Based Weatherstations Davie and Pielke Sr. show the problems in using ground weather stations to detect temperature trends.
Hurricanes and Global Warming: do not believe the hype! Read Patrick Michaels blog on this, and look carefully at the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) graph!
Read Tony Blair on Kyoto and Roy Spencer's comment Tony Blair writes in The Observer (30Oct05) and Dr. Roy Spencer comments at Techcentralstation
Statement of Lord Nigel Lawson to the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works: highly critical about IPCC and Kyoto treaty.
Schelling on Kyoto Read what 2005 economics Nobel price Thomas Schelling says about the Kyoto treaty.
Risse im Klimakonsens German translation of the original Technology Review aricle by M. Crok, with added comments.
Earth's Climate Read these comment by Jan Janssens (of famous Solaemon website monitoring solar activity)
Living with Global Warming By I. Goklany from the National Center for Policy Analysis
Is global warming making hurricanes more frequent and intense? After the Katrina disaster, many jump into hasty, but convenient conclusions. Read what leading scientist say! 
Greenhouse caused warming: agreement or not? An easy to read dispute between Stephen Sherwood and Willes Eschenbach
The Other Hockeystick A very clear article by Roger Pielke Jr. from Colorado State University on disaster losses and climate.
Hockeysticks, the tragedy of the commons An introduction by Hans von Storch on exaggeration in climate science (July 2005)
Cooling it on global warming An interview of Fred Singer (24Jul05): simple questions, clear and unpassionate answers!
The Economics of Climate Change An admirable clear 84 pages report from the House of Lords, published 6th July 2005. It says what I am repeating for several years now: the best strategy to protect climate is to focus on R&D and technology, and not dilapidate money by futile Kyoto-style emission trading.
Greenhouse hypocrisy Read this comment from R. Samuelson (Washington Post, 29th June 2005)

Effect of scaling and regression on reconstructed temperature amplitude for the past millennium

A very important paper by Esper and al.  published Apr.2005 in Geophysical Rersearch Letters: different procedures in scaling/regressing proxy and instrument data give mean global temperature differences of >0.5°C!
The Water Rub An easy reading comment on an important paper by Minschwaner & Dessler studying water vapour feedback (in the tropics): feedback is positive, but much less than estimated in the GCM models. Full text of original paper here.
Forget global warming Read Björn Lomborg's comment on the statement of 11 national academies of science (published just before the G8 meeting)
Hurricanes and Global Warming A new paper from Pielke, Landsea et al. published in June 2005 in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society confirms firmly that there is no link between hurricane frequency and global warming. Attention: this is the original preprint, Kerry redraw his authorship!
Rushing to Judgment A very clear non technical discussion by Berkeley professor Jack Hollander (2003) in pdf format (80kB)
Ghostbusting Temperatures A fresh analysis of the weatherstation data from the U.S. Historical Climatology Network database shows no overall  substantial warming in the continental US. By Eduardo Ferreyra, Aug.2004. See also here and here!
The Other Side of the Global Warming Debate A huge collection of links to sceptical papers, neatly ordered following the different myths. By J. Marusek
A history of human perceptions of anthropogenic climate change... Read this lucid paper by von Storch and Stehr... 
Problems with Global Climate Models: Cloud Representations A discussion by CO2Science of a paper on the ability of CGM models to correctly represent clouds (they do NOT!)
(you might subscribe to CO2Science to see the full text)
Climate Catastrophe Cancelled A movie from Friends of Science and University of Calgary: see and here the sceptics live!
Global Temperature report 1978-2003 Christie & Spencer (UAH) report on 25 year long satellite data... the best we have! (highlights by meteoLCD)
Kyoto’s Misplaced Priorities By Bjoern Lomborg 
A Climate of Staged Angst Excellent article by Hans Von Storch and Nico Stehr on climate catastrophism and its dangers
Report from Doom and Gloom A report by Dr. Benny Peiser from the Feb.2005 Exeter Conference "Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change"
Apocalypse No! A report on a small conference organised by the Scientific Alliance in London the 27/01/2005
Evidence Submitted to the House of Lords... ...Select Committee on Economic Affairs. By Prof. David Henderson, critical on IPCC treatment of economic subjects.
Open letter to the community from Chris Landsea Chris Landsea, world specialist on hurricanes, leaves the IPCC: science shows that there is no globalwarming incidence on hurricane frequency, an IPCC lead author tells otherwise.
The Scientific Basis of  Prevailing Climate Change Actions and Climate Policies in EU are Obsolete Submission by Timo Hämeranta to the European Union’s Future Action on Climate Change Web Forum: Contains a very extensive reference section ( ~320 references, many online)
THE TSUNAMI'S REAL CAUSE. Rising Tide Online article in the New Republican by Daniel Sarewitz & Roger A. Pielke.
What Defines the Arctic? A Discussion of the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA) By Willie Soon, Sallie Baliunas, David R. Legates, George H. Taylor: read this very clear paper on Arctic temperature change and how defining geographic boundaries at will makes for spectacular data.(published 12/20/2004 at 
Annual cycles of multiyear sea ice coverage of the Arctic Ocean: 1999–2003 Read this abstract of a paper by R. Kwok: Arctic perennial ice is not decreasing as touted by ACIA... it increases! 
Buenos Aires: Kyoto's Waterloo Read this on Italy, China and others refusing to embark on a post 2012 Kyoto ride
The Impacts of Climate Change (an appraisal for the future) A BIG report from the International Policy Network (UK); 1.MB, 89 pages, PDF. Makes very good reading!
Plusieurs scientifiques ne croient plus à l'effet du CO2 sur le climat A non-technical article by Pierre Lutgen, published in the "Forum de l'Industrie". In French!
Strange Science A non-technical article by Thomas Sieger Derr, a professor of religion and ethics.
Long-term ice variability in arctic marginal seas As the media shout "the Artic melts!", read this paper by Polyakov on actual measurements and observations! No much cause for hysteria here!
Thomas Kuhn, climatology and global warming advocates Some caustic remarks from Patrick J. Michaels
An Economist's Perspective on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol A presentation by Prof. McKitrick (Guelph University) at the University of Manitoba (7Nov2003)
Natural events cause rise in CO2 levels Commenting on Dr Richard Betts, manager of ecosystems and climate impact at the Met Office’s Hadley Centre for Climate Change (The Scotsman 13th Oct. 2004)
Climate Alarm- where does it come from? A new eye opener by MIT Prof. R. Lindzen (presentation made at the Houston Forum 09Sep2004)
"In much current research, 'alarm' is the aim rather the result"
Look also here for a short article "In Global Warming We Trust" (02Dec2004)
Bad manners at the Moscow Kyoto meeting An insider report from the last Moscow July 2004 meeting, by Dr. Khandekar, Environment Canada.
Kyoto won't stop climate change The very IPCC friendly NewScientist (or better its writer Fred Pearce) make some remarkably sober comments (well wrapped in the usual catastrophism). Plus some comment by meteoLCD.

The Disputed Science of Global Warming

A blockbuster paper by McLean (version 1.3. from 3th Oct. 2004), with many, many useful links (even  if one does not agree with every word or authority cited; beware: due to automatic generation, links extending over one line do not work!). Link to full text of McIntyre/McKitrick paper showing flawed data handling and errors in MBH98. 
von Storch Spiegel Interview: Mann curve is rubbish! Interview with Prof. von Storch in Spiegel (04Oct04); German and English text
Temperaturschwankungen des letzten Milleniums wahrscheinlich grösser als angenommen What many have suspected and said before: the hockeystick temperature reconstruction is simply wrong!
Read the abstract (in German) of the new paper from GKSS published in SCIENCE
Climate Change in Perspective A short well written article by Hans von Storch (GKSS Forschungszentrum) & Nico Stehr (UBC) 
A Critical Examination of Climate Change Another paper by Douglas V. Hoyt on climate sensitivity; many links to more detailed explanations.
Please take a good look at the scorecard which compares IPCC model predictions and reality!
What is the Earth's 20th Century Temperature Trend? Prof. Willie Soon (Harvard University) shows how padding temperature series for smoothing calculations may get you just the big trend you are aiming for; if you stick to proper scientific practice, reality is much less alarmist and does not agree well with Mann & IPCC trends.(published 06/24/2004 at
Climate Change: Incorrect information on pre-industrial CO2 Thrilling statement by Prof Jaworowski for the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation (March 2004). How scientifical honest are papers on ancient CO2? 
Worlds Apart Excellent crystal-clear article by Philip Stott!
Global temperature trends Compute your own trend using one of 4 data sources
The science behind climate change forecasts adds up to a
lot of hot air
Read this Daily Telegraph article of Danish economist Martin Agerup
Canadian Reactions To Sir David King An admirable clear, non-scientific article by Prof. Richard Lindzen, one of the key authors of the IPCC
The Kyoto Protocol: A Post-Mortem by Prof. Fred Singer 
Why warming is observed and what climate sensitivity appears to be Douglas V. Hoyt explains climate sensitivity in four easy steps.
Global Warming? Some common sense thoughts A nonsense detector by Reid A. Bryson.
EARTH TRACK Satellite-measured lower troposphere temperatures, whole globe! Figures usually a couple of months late. 
Look here for NASA Goddard Space Center graphs, updated quite fast!
Atmospheric water vapour feedback: positive or negative? A discussion on a new paper by Minschwaner & Dessler on upper tropospheric vapour content and its influence. Again the IPCC seems to err on the high side concerning this feedback. The full paper is here (no easy reading).
The LEIPZIG Declaration The famous Leipzig declaration of concerned scientists opposing the views of the IPCC (update March 2004)
Singer testimony before the US Senate A testimony of Prof. Fred Singer on unsupported global warming and global change claims. 
Variability and trends of air temperature and pressure in the maritime Arctic, 1875 - 2000 An abstract of an impressive paper by Polyakov et al. on temperature and pressure measurements of 75 arctic stations; there is a warming from 1875 to 1920 (period of small CO2 increase), and a cooling trend from 1920 to 2000...(period of high CO2 increase. This in a region where CO2 increase should show (according to the models!) the highest greenhouse effect! (American Meteorological Society)
Hansen & Sato: Trends  of measured climate forcing agents.pdf Paper shows that increase of most GHG's is leveling down (text highlights by meteoLCD).
Hansen & Sato: Global Warming in the 21th century: An alternative scenario  A very clear paper (2000) by James Hansen (Nasa Goddard Space Center), one of the first IPCC "stars"; Hansen  has changed his mind quite a lot, and puts his faith now more on reducing non CO2 GHG (text highlights by meteoLCD).
Kyoto-Folie 2 A small article (non scientific) published in Luxembourg's main newspaper, showing that Luxembourg has vastly exceeded it's (for 2010) planned 28% CO2 reduction... By Francis Massen (in French).
Kondratyev: Global Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol A blockbuster from the Research Center for Ecological Safety; link to the Hungarian Meteorological Service
Kondratyev at the Moscow Climate Change Conference Read here why Russia refuses to sign the Kyoto protocol
Let them confess their faith Prof. Roy Spencer (University of Alabama in Huntsville) on our meagre knowledge of cloud physics and on global warming extremists
Êtes-vous Kyoto-crédule? A (non-scientific) article from Francis Massen which should have been published in the major national Luxembourg paper; after many weeks of delay I decided to give it a go and put it on this website. In French! Click here for a dissenting answer (in French) from Alex Hoffmann.
Rapide Climate Change... A summary from co2science of several papers studying fast climate swings in the past, that were not caused by CO2 variations
On the Kyoto Protocol Patrick J. Michaels Statement before the Committee on Small Business United States House of Representatives:
Kyoto = 0.07°C less warming!
Recent cooling in coastal Southern Greenland Abstract from Geophysical Research Letters
Hyperactive sun comes out in spots From New Scientist: Sunspots are now more frequent than at any time for more than 1000 years: is this THE major contribution to global warming ?
Mann's hockey stick wrong? One of the IPCC pillars to document global warming seems to be crumbling... the data used are partially wrong or incomplete! Click here for the original MBH98 paper.
Climatesceptics Annual report 2002 by Timo Hämeranta from the ClimateSceptics discussion group
You can't control the climate by Professor Philip Stott; from New Scientist, 20 Sep. 2003
A Global Warming Primer Written by G. Marsh, physicist at Argonne National Lab.; very clear, many precise radiation forcing numbers, some mathematical calculations. (PDF file)
Heat Wave in Europe: The Mystery Unveiled A special jetstream circulation pattern is the cause of the blocking anticyclone who caused the summer 2003 European heat wave.
Glaciers et Climats An interesting article (in French) from university professor and glaciologue Robert Vivian
Cosmic-climate study cools Kyoto A short discussion on a new "blockbuster" scientific paper from Veizer/Shaviv (Geological Society of America) showing that past warming trends are mostly caused by cosmic events, and that CO2 plays only a minor role in global warming (from National Post, Canada).
Click here for full paper (PDF) or Shaviv's Summary
Christie/Spencer record of satellite data "The Christy/Spencer record begins in January 1979 and is updated monthly. According to a just-published paper (Christy et al, 2003), the global temperature trend in the lower atmosphere from earth’s surface to about 25,000 feet is 0.06ºC (±0.05ºC per decade) from January 1979 through April 2002. This trend has enormous implications because it invalidates the projections of virtually every climate model in existence!"
Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions May Reduce Tropospheric Ozone and Methane Concentrations A very interesting result of a Biosphere 2 study on forestry plants reacting to higher CO2 levels
Are Observed Changes in the CO2 Concentration of the Atmosphere Really Dangerous? C.R. de Freitas from the University of Auckland gives 14 well documented fallacies flying in the face of catastrophists. 
Text is a pdf file downloaded from
Global Warming: what does the data tell us? A new study from the Universito of Quito: the data tell us that "contrary to the popular belief, human activity had NO significant effect on global warming" (1702 - 1990)
Text is a pdf file downloaded from
Is Antartica Sea Ice disappearing? No it is not: it is INCREASING!
Reasons to Question the Veracity of the
Global Surface Air Temperature Record
About a new research paper on the discrepance between surface temperature data (which show an increasing trend) and satellite data (which do not) A very surprising trend discovered by Idso: CO2 concentration matches human population (since 1650); as this will level at near 2070, so will about 420 ppm! A short review of a paper from Australia researching the magnitude of the urban-island heat effect: even small towns (pop. ~1000) exhibit an approx. +2°C warming, well in excess to a  "measured global warming" . A very clear summary: John Daly answers 10 key questions on global warming; also short answers by pro-warming Gelbspan and contra-Warming Fred Singger
Global Warming? "accessible html" transcription of a  conference given by Francis Massen the 28 Feb 2002, as an invited speaker by the ICN.(in French!)
truthwillout/globalwarming A series of papers from the Open University and BBC, representing both pro and contra global warming opinions
Lindzen_testimony.html The famous testimony of Prof. Lindzen before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee (May 2001)
Lindzen_article01.html A very clear article of Prof. Richard Lindzen (MIT) on the NAS (National Academy of Sciences) climate change report prepared for the White House (2001) The Greening Earth Society's web site.. scientifically sound! The Gobal Warming pages of this "general purpose skeptic" site. Contains a link to an excellent aritcle of Richard Lindzen and many other interesting contributions. site of (emeritus) Prof. Philip Stott (University of London),  caustic!.
Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change: very scientific, many reports, mailing-list
Torturing Climate Statistics A well written paper by John Daly, downloaded from his web-site (Dec.2001)
 Disaster, Failure or Success? "I interpret the IPCC, as far as its advisory capacity is concerned, as a mixed group of self-selected believers and officially selected experts, most of them paid directly by governments, who do not, indeed cannot, give entirely honest advice". An excellent paper by an IPCC insider!
Controverses scientifiques sur l’effet de serre A well written paper from Pierre Lutgen (Luxembourg), with a large list of references (in french)

This certainly is the best start for a sceptical voyage to the political motives and scientific methods of the global change industry. (+John Daly from Tasmania)
John Daly passed away the 29th Jan. 2004. We will deeply miss his clear logic and courage in pursuing scientific honesty versus ideology and Zeitgeist.

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